DAYS 5-7

Post-tribal, Saanapu head back and Peter STILL doesn’t want to be there. Kylie realises she cannot trust anyone after the Bianca vote. Flick and Brooke collect treemail and the note tells them to choose their wisest player to bring another to complete a quest. The youngens choose Peter as they think he’s the wisest; this brings him great joy after wanting to quit. He then chooses Kylie as she’s the perfect alternate gender to choose from. After Peter and Kylie leave the youngens realise how dumb that decision is. Oui!


Choose between a large bag of beans, or a small bag of beans plus a hidden idol clue. Having Worlds Apart feels right now… Peter pushes for the Deceit bag and Kylie agrees. YASS!! Let’s play!

AS302Which one do you choose? [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]

Rohan and Phoebe from Aganoa are wooing each other because they know the right thing to do it to choose Deceit. Rohan apparently knows where the idol is hidden two seconds after reading the clue, okay mate. They both make up a lie for their tribe mates that they had to choose between a smaller or larger bag. Phoebe makes up a cute poem. Lee doesn’t even pick up on the dodgy story because he has no idea about Survivor. Evan latches on and knows they are lying. I also believe Rohan is a terrible liar and it shows throughout the episode. Evan goes for a wander and finds the hidden idol clue that dropped out of Rohan’s bathers; Phoebe should’ve held on to it or BURNT it.

Nick and Purple Tegan head out for Vavau and Nick comes up with an idea to tell the rest of the tribe that they found a clue, but say it’s in a different spot. OH NO. Nick, you saw what happened to Joaquina and So in Season 30 right?! Side note, Purple Tegan gets her first confessional, and she is not comfortable at all with this whole lying business. Nick then whips up a fake poem about digging in the ground near a throne for a king… It starts out well, but falls flat. Some tribe mates are suspicious. Dr Evil Andrew’s BS radar goes off and knows something’s fishy.


Nick starts freaking out and ends up telling a select few that what he said was not the real clue. Oh boy.

Phoebe and Rohan thinks everyone believes their lie. Evan shows El the clue and she asks herself “why did they keep this from me?” I honestly don’t think Phoebe would have told El, but hey she claims she would have; maybe not that same day though! El approaches Phoebe and Rohan and the guy being a terrible liar realises he has just f@$ked it up for them losing the clue. Rohan storms up to Evan. Lee is confused to why it was a lie to begin with. Another nut who hasn’t watched the show. Oui! Evan swears on his wife’s life to Rohan and doesn’t give a flying BLEEP about anything. He’s giving off Johnny Fairplay vibes here, just with less finesse!


Row out to crates with buoys, hook long rope to buoys, pull nets to tribe mats. Once on mats use blocks to build a tower. First tribe tower to stand for 5 seconds wins reward. Comfort 1: blankets, pillows, tarp and hammock. Comfort 2: fancy tarp.
Purple Tegan sits out for Vavau. And why is Matt allowed to wear a Port Power top? What is happening?!

Can I just say I was impressed seeing Jono in the water with the tribes, you don’t see Probst doing that! He’s really doing a great job commentating the challenges. After a close call, Vavau win reward! Saanapu lose their tower. Aganoa’s is leaning and lose their tower. Saanapu put last 3 blocks using Kylie (go Kylie!) and win the second reward.

AS304Towering rewards [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]

And then, Sam does the unthinkable – High-fiving the other tribes. This isn’t a friendly game of tag football, Sam. And love how Vavau try and take the table with them! #nicetry

At Saanapu, the tribe embrace their new friend, Mark the Chicken’s second cousin, Chester. Brooke briefly mentions wanting to eat him, but resorts to gooey sea cucumber instead. Delicious.
At Aganoa, El wants a leader. Lee steps up to the plate and they all see Kat as the weakest link. Evan searches for the hidden immunity idol. About time someone did!



One at time, collect bags of puzzle pieces at the end of an obstacle course of nets. Build a cool flower-looking puzzle. Andrew sits out for Vavau. Sue/Nick, Matt/Peter and Evan/Kat are chosen to do the puzzle, to Kat’s hesitation Thanks Lee. Magician Matty is a gun at the puzzle, but just gets pipped by Nick and Sue! Vavau win 1st, Saanapu 2nd. Aganoa goes to their second tribal.

Is Kristie the new Aubry Bracco/Holly Hoffman? Paranoid one week, completely safe the next. Only difference is she has no Joe Del Campo as a buffer. It’ll be interesting to see if a tribe swap happens this week. Evan sucks up to Rohan back at camp. Phoebe has shifty eyes and wants Evan gone. El agrees. Phoebe is in such a great position right now. She’s in a tight alliance with El, and has both Rohan and Lee on her side. And a second alliance with Kat and Kristie. This chick means business!


Jono rubs it in that they haven’t won a challenge. Kat admits she didn’t put her hand up to do the puzzle and that since Lee is the leader she followed his judgement. Jono pushes way too hard for the tribe to reveal cracks in the group. And of course it’s Kat who does (hang in there!). Kat points out the strong alliance of four between Phoebe, Rohan, Lee and El, and that four girls are also strong. In the end Phoebe gets her way and Evan is the third person voted out of Australian Survivor. Evan departs, convinced Rohan has the hidden idol, telling him to use it well. He had no chance of getting far from the beginning. 5 Evan-2 Kat.

AS303The tribe has spoken, Evan. [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]


DAYS 8-10

Aganoa return to camp and realise Evan was completely blindsided; he didn’t even pack a bag. Phoebe starts working on her new black widow brigade.

At Saanapu, Peter admits his body is deteriorating and Magic Matt tries to cheer him up. Hang in there Petey!!

Meanwhile at Vavau, Craig wants Yum-Cha!


SO DO I. [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]

JL, Craig and Sue are not pleased with the fake idol story, so Nick takes them all aside and tries to tell them the real clue, but it sounds even more dodgy! Sue has a confessional talking about Nick being #sneakysneaky, and not in a Wentworth kinda way.

 AS308Nick caught in a pickle. [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]

Rohan and Phoebe go searching for the idol. X marks the spot. Rohan finds it and Phoebe begrudgingly lets him keep it. Yeah, just put it in your side pocket Rohan, that’s a good bulge you’re showing. Phoebe doesn’t trust him anymore and wants to vote his ass out!

Kylie and Peter discuss the idol clue. Peter wants to help Kylie find the idol and wants her to keep it! The main alliance keep an eye on the two to make sure they don’t find the idol, but Conner does a poor job at babysitting and wanders back to camp. Why are u leaving them alone. Cmon Kylie!!

Vavau have no fire. Cmon guys, Alecia in Kaoh Rong sat there for 5 hours to make fire, you can do it! Kate tells her tribe about her true survival story. Incredible. Love this girl, she’s so inspiring. Looking forward to seeing more of her!

Phoebe is giving off some Parvati vibes and tells El about finding the idol. She has got a great sidekick in Amanda El. They don’t trust Rohan at all now, but who would?!


Is Phoebe the Aussie “QUEEN P”? [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]


Pairs race out to a cage in the water. Pull up a chest with grappling hook. Bring chest back to the mat on the beach. Next pair goes. 3 chests to collect. Unlock all chests and complete a puzzle. Peter sits out for Saanapu. Sue and Purple Tegan sit out for Vavau.

The Bachelor boys Rohan and Sam carry the chests on the head and look like they should be on Baywatch, oohlala. Jono’s commentary includes JL and Barry swimming like dolphins and comparing Lee to Hercules; hello! (Anyone else notice the bad editing with JL and Barry?) Magic Matt is back on the puzzle, absolutely smashing it. I want him on my team! Saanapu win immunity. Vavau come 2nd. Aganoa lose it for themselves and you think maybe they should’ve put Kat on the puzzle…


Brawn v Brains. [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]

Craig asks Jono for Flint as theirs is broken. Jono accepts ONLY IF they exchange it for all the rewards they’ve won, e.g. fishing gear, tarp.

Kat mentions the girls plan on voting out Rohan. Phoebe and El talk and about voting out Kat. Phoebe takes Rohan aside and brings up the idol (this is what Parvati would NOT have done) and starts to threaten him. She tells Lee about the idol and he’s surprised Rohan hasn’t told him. *facepalm* Kat can hear all the conversations the ‘strong four’ are having about her. Awkward!! The girls gather and plan to vote out Rohan and they are sure he won’t play the idol.

THEN scenes don’t switch to tribal council, but Saanapu beach. They normally don’t show a winning tribe before Tribal so we know that something’s up! It pans to Peter. Greaaaat. Jono comes up in a speed boat. No Peter, you need to stay and help Kylie! Peter officially quits the game on Day 10. He seems like a really lovely man, but omgosh this is castings worst nightmare. Kylie is alone.


Farewell Fiegsy. [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]


Rohan takes full blame for the puzzle and this tribal really drags out, for eventually a nothing vote. After a whole lot of rambling Jono lets Aganoa knows that Peter quit the game and that there will be no vote tonight. Even if it showed all their reactions I feel like this was a wasted event. Would rather have it end with Saanapu and more of their reactions to Peter leaving. Jono could have just rocked up at Aganoa camp to tell them not to bother walking all the way to Tribal, but hey I don’t make that call.


DAYS 11-13

Nick Cesternino celebrates his late mum’s 60th birthday in a touching scene. Beautiful. As a gift to her he goes searching for the idol. Unfortunately, no luck! Sorry mum.

At Saanapu, Kylie has much better luck at finding the idol! Struck GOLD. Back at camp Flick thinks Kylie has the idol and goes for a walk with Magic Matt. She tells him that her backup vote is for Conner, much to Matt’s disgust! On the flipside, Flick confides in Brooke and tells her she doesn’t trust Matt. DANGER DANGER! Matt approaches Bachelor Sam and mentions Flick wanting Conner out. He is all sorts of confused and now also doesn’t trust Flick.

Things get awkward at Aganoa with Phoebe, El and Kristie confessing to Kat that she was the next one to go. Phoebe admits that Kat is no longer part of her strategy and wants her gone anyway. I think we still have a lot of Phoebe’s game to see.


Vavau bring all their luxuries in return for flint. Jono reiterates 15,000 ppl applied for Survivor and that the rest of them need to fight harder in this game. Well said Jono!

Collect materials to build a barricade. First tribe to break through barricade carrying a chicken coup, win a chicken coup and Vavau’s luxuries. JL and Nick sit out for Vavau. Kat’s trying to prove herself in the challenge. Saanapu’s barricade looks sturdy as. Vavau didn’t build theirs very well, Kylie powers through the barricade. Saanapu win. Aganoa 2nd. Enjoyable challenge.

At Saanapu, the tribe try putting Chester in with the other chickens, but they start fighting. Matt confesses his love for Chester. It’s Tai and Mark all over again. ❤


Magic Matt gushing over Chester. [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]

Tribes collect tree mail and the big news is that BOTH losing tribes at the next immunity challenge are going to tribal council. Nothing new… YET!


Four members from each tribe manoeuvre  through an obstacle course, including a maze, beam and speed humps. Fill cart with coconuts, then fire at targets. First to knock all down win. Sue and Andrew sit out for Vavau. As they fire the coconuts, all I can think of is this… [Amazing Race crossover]


Hercules Lee absolutely blows the slingshot challenge out of the water and Aganoa win their first immunity. You can high-five yourselves guys!

Vavau ocean sesh is happening and Barry tells everyone he is pulling a name out of a hat to vote. Get him out please! Craig wants Tegan out. Nick tells Andrew he wants Barry out and tries to sways everyone’s votes. Craig and JL have a pow-wow and want Nick gone ASAP! I can see these two going far together.

At Saanapu, Kylie contemplates playing her idol. Sam, Brooke, Flick and Conner ‘plan’ to split the votes between Kylie and Matt. Conner, Matt and Sam realise they cant trust Flick. Conner FINALLY sees the light. Conner asks Flick if she’s been gunning for him and that she would even throw Brooke under the bus. This is good stuff! All the dirty laundry is about to be aired…



Double trouble tribal. [Image credit: Network Ten/Endemol Shine]

Vavau and Saanapu rock up to tribal and sit together. Awkward. Barry confesses he doesn’t want to be part of any alliances. Nick is scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and realises he may have overplayed his cards. Flick and Brooke are still tight. Jono spots Kylie’s idol… And this irks me to the moon and back! WHY ARE YOU FLAUNTING THAT KYLIE?! You need to keep that shit hidden. And in front of not one, but two tribes. Argh!

Saanapu is just revealing all their secrets, one by one. Flick outs Matt. Conner outs Flick. Conner outs Matt! Magic Matt is NOT impressed with Conner and scolds him like he’s a naughty child. I agree, Conner needs to get his head checked, because you realise there’s another tribe sitting next to you right?!

Both tribes go to vote and while I think it was all set for Nick to go home, it’s obvious the blow up between Saanapu has caused certain people to change their votes. Matt votes for Conner and Sam votes for Flick.  Jono goes to ‘count’, not tally, the votes and then BAM, the first twist! The two names with the most votes will NOT be going home, they will be swapped to the other tribe! GASPS.


#WOW moment. [Image credit: CBS]

Vavau’s votes are read first and no surprise Nick receives 8 votes to 3. Hello Mr Barry, you voted with the majority, not so random are ya mate! Saanapu votes are read and it ends up being a 3-3 tie between Flick and Conner. We now go to a re-vote where Conner and Flick sit out and the votes are up to Matt, Brooke, Sam and Kylie. Matt switches his vote to Flick and Sam switches to Conner, what a mess! This results in another 2-2 tie. Jono explains now that the tribe need to come to a unanimous decision to send either Flick or Conner to the other tribe, and if they don’t those two get to sit out and the remaining castaways will draw rocks – not what you want to do!! Conner wants to remove himself, which everyone agrees to. So Conner and Nick switch tribes and buffs and everyone is sitting there like, MINDBLOWN!


BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! In a second twist, Jono tells Conner and Nick they can both choose one person from their original tribe to switch with them :O Nick cleverly chooses Tegan, and Conner chooses Saanapu’s challenge beast, Sam. This really screw’s Matt’s game over. He is now on the outs with Flick and Brooke and unless he can align with Kylie and Nick I’m unsure how far he can make it. Great news for Nick though, hopefully Flick doesn’t get to his head! Next week should be interesting…


“NEXT TIME ON… AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR”: The Aftermath of tribal unravels.



“Another solid week of Aussie Survivor, that ended on a real high with one of the most intense and explosive Tribal Councils of ALL-TIME, and that’s including the American version too! Shame to see Pete quit, and losing another strategist in Evan, but both had it coming. Tuesday nights episode was just amazing, quality TV and I’m SO keen for next week to see the fall-out. Last week I had El and Conner as my early picks to win, and while I still think they are both in with a chance I think I need to say Phoebe and Sam are standing out for me now”