“PREVIOUSLY ON… The Amazing Race Canada”:

Teams travelled to Havana, Cuba and things got bloody for Steph and Kristen, Rita and Yvette escaped elimination and Jill and Emmett claimed their 3rd number one!

PRIZE: $250k, a round-the-world trip, a brand new Chevy, and the title of TAR Canada.


Five remaining teams race from Havana, Cuba to Sydney, Nova Scotia (which happens to be Jill and Emmett’s hometown).

First team to leave is Jill/Emmett. Second is Joel/Ashley, then Steph/Kristen, Frankie/Amy and Rita/Yvette in last place.


In Sydney, Nova Scotia (not Australia for you fellow Aussies following), teams drive themselves to the Canadian Coast Guard and are given a set of instructions to direct their boat driver to a scene to rescue fake rescue victims. Jill/Emmett and Steph/Kristen are neck and neck and Jill is confused why Steph/Kristen are turning right, unawares not every team have the same map. Frankie and Amy arrive and they crack me up so much they provide many gif moments, thank you ladies! Rita and Yvette struggle to understand what Port and Starboard mean, while Joel and Ashley chug along the best they can.

JA01Ashley and Joel navigating Port and Starboard. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

DETOUR TIME: ‘Feel the Rhythm’ or ‘Feel the Burn’
FEEL THE RHYTHM: Teams have to learn a highland dance, kilt and all, and perform with a group. No freakin’ way I’d choose this one. #norhythm
FEEL THE BURN: One of the most physical detours this season, teams complete three Highland game events, including the Caber Toss, the Farmers Walk, and Stone Throwing.

Steph/Kristen, Jill/Emmett and Frankie/Amy choose to Feel the Burn, where Joel/Ashley and Rita/Yvette choose to dance in Feel the Rhythm.

At the Highland Games, Kristen shows how buff she is by flipping that stick with ease, or so it seemed! Steph, Jill and Emmett also get through this event quite quickly. Amy struggles, but you know what? Fire and Ice never give up, and at the same time they are rooting for both Jill/Emmett and Steph/Kristen along the way.

ezgif-2252672278.gifSteph shows off Highland Dancing skills. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

The second event is the Farmers Walk where each team member has to carry two logs on chains around a course twice. Also there are different weights for men and womens and the mens looks insane. If Emmett was struggling with his, I wouldn’t even be able to lift it off the ground at all! Kristen and Steph mention they are used to doing the Farmers Walk in their University days as part of softball exercise. And I must reiterate, these chicks are badass. I completely forgot about Steph’s finger from the previous leg and she ploughed through it, sore hands, arms and all like superwoman. The support K&S give each other is amazing and it gives me many feels. I’ll also note that Jill is the only other woman who carried both logs at the same time, bloody brilliant!!

sk04Boss Ladies. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Over at the Highland Dance studio, Joel is struggling with the choreography and Ashley is getting frustrated. I am loving all the costumes these guys have to wear each leg. I don’t think they’ve worn this many in the US version!

Rita and Yvette show up at the Speed Bump, and are these Christmas cards legit?! Talk about free labour! But the twins smash through this bump. I’ve never seen two people stamp cards, or anything, that quickly in my whole life! They arrive at the Dance studio and quickly get to work.

ezgif-3043235154.gifRita and Yvette stamping like a boss. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Back at the Highland Games, both Steph/Kristen and Jill/Emmett are at the final event of Stone Throwing and the girls softball experience come in handy. Kristen hits her first target and they jump ahead.

U-TURN AHEAD. Steph/Kristen finish just head of Jill/Emmett and arrive at the board first. They decided to U-Turn Joel and Ashley. WHYYYY did you not U-Turn Jill and Emmett?! The biggest threats in the competition. Kristen mentions that U-Turning Joel and Ashley is OK as this is a new U-Turn board so their handshake previously means nothing. That’s the spirit! Haha. Then Jill/Emmett decide to U-Turn Rita and Yvette, this is a huge blow to the twins as you wouldn’t expect anyone to U-Turn the team in last place. But hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

sk05Uturn board. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Frankie and Amy show up third and are ELATED that they have not been U-Turned. Amy compares not seeing your face on the board to waking up in the morning without any pimples. Love it!

ezgif-2517009713.gifOHMYGODYES. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

At the Blackhouse at Highland Village, Steph/Kristen and Jill/Emmett gear up in their finest Highland costumes and the barrel challenge begins. Teams need to roll six barrels from one end of the village to the other, and they are not light. Jill and Emmett power, while Steph struggles with her botched finger. Kristen supports her by rolling her barrel as far ahead as possible and swapping with Steph, pushing hers forward and alternating between the two. Seriously, best girlfriend ever award! The cool thing they get to do at the end of this challenge is to fire a cannon! I WANNA DO THAT.


FIRE IN THE HOLE, K&S. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Meanwhile on the road, Amy leaves Frankie hanging…

ezgif-3715588050.gifHigh-five gurl!! [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Back at the detour, Joel and Ashley complete their Highland Dance and arrive at the U-Turn. They are NOT happy with Kristen and Steph. Rita and Yvette are equally as shocked as me with Jill and Emmett U-Turning them. Totes didn’t see it coming. Both teams proceed to complete the Highland Games events and are troopers throughout  it, despite the angst.

Jill and Emmett gain a small lead to the pit stop and it is hilarious that Jill accidentally leaves one of her sneakers behind at the Village. Emmett ain’t driving back for that! Kristen and Steph prepare for a footrace against the exes. But it is the BBCAN couple who come in first again!

je02.PNGWho needs shoes to race to the Pit Stop?! [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Frankie/Amy are #3. Joel and Ashley #4, and sadly the twins Rita and Yvette are eliminated from the race.

RY01Bye Twinnies. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

“NEXT TIME ON… The Amazing Race Canada”:  Does Jill race with only one shoe? And things don’t look good for #Kristeph and I’m freaking out. Damn previews! My Top 3 are Kristeph, JEmmett and FrAmy.