“PREVIOUSLY ON… The Amazing Race Canada”:

Teams travelled from Havana, Cuba to Sydney, Nova Scotia and got their Highland games on! Ashley and Joel were U-turned again and unfortunately so were Rita and Yvette, eventually ending their race campaign. I miss the twinnies!

PRIZE: $250k, a round-the-world trip, a brand new Chevy, and the title of TAR Canada.

LEG 10

Four remaining teams race to Saint John, New Brunswick (checking my Google Maps for this one).

First team to leave is JEmmett (Jill/Emmett). Second is Kristeph (Kristen/Steph), then JAshley (Joel/Ashley) and Fire&Ice (Frankie/Amy) in last place. Seeing the previews I still think Kristen and Steph should have U-Turned JEmmett to keep their placing averages up, but they’re probably not thinking about reality TV stats at this point. Ha.

JEmmett and Kristeph catch Bus #1 to New Brunswick. Jill reminds us all that she lost her shoe last leg (so they can’t go back and get it?!) She asks around and some wonderful stranger goes home to grab Jill a spare pair of sneakers. Generosity 101! I mean, if you’re going to be on TV, why not help out. Both teams arrive in NB and first thing is to search for the Chevy Sparks. Kristeph find it first, naturally. On to the first challenge.


One thing’s for sure, The Amazing Race Canada LOVES product placement! I missed the Mentos this episode; poor form, Lynda. Using a tablet and the Hotel.com app, teams must deliver gift baskets to five different hotels. Kristeph smash through this challenge and JEmmett somehow fall behind, arriving at the location at the same time as Fire&Ice and JAshley. Suddenly all is right in the world when Jill starts yelling at Emmett; we haven’t heard that screech in weeks!

sk06.PNGWonder what’s in the hampers! [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Kristeph arrive first at this legs DETOUR: 1867 or 1879.

1867: Drive to Moosehead Brewery. Pull labelled bottles off the production line to fill 5 cases of beer. Alas, the poor brewery staff never made it on TV 😦

1879: Drive to Crosby’s Molasses. Sticky situation. Each team is required to make molasses taffy following a Crosby’s family recipe, including the art of taffy pulling. I’m sure that stuff tastes better than it looks!

All teams end up choosing 1879. Kristen admits she can’t bake and makes the “no-bake” kind of cookies. It’s OK, I don’t think baking is a prerequisite to being a lesbian. JAshley arrive at the joint not too far behind.

Fire&Ice are LOST and Emmett wants to run over the highway bridge to their final hotel. Jill is extremely against this idea, wearing some stranger’s shoes and all. And all you hear are complaints, but Emmett keeps running so Jill has no choice but to go with him. Well done, Emmett!

Back at Crosby’s, the workers don’t seem impressed with Kristen’s molasses moves, including the “cat on the furniture” and “accordion”, but it doesn’t matter as it gets them the next clue.


She got moves. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

FACE OFF. Golf Challenge. Teams face off in a shootout where the pair with the fewest number of strokes move on. They also get to wear some neat golf outfits. Now, I am still new to the whole Face Off challenges and it’s not a bad idea by the Canadians, but I’m unsure it’s necessary or fair (what’s fair these days though) at such a late stage in the race.

Kristeph await their first opponents who happen to be JAshley. Surprise!

ja02Just the normal golf attire… Cute! [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Fire&Ice finally make it to the taffy. You got this girls! Or not. They begin the detour poorly when Amy reads 4 cups instead of tablespoons of vinegar. *gasp*

Face Off #1 Kristeph and JAshley tee off and DAYUM, Joel is a master volleyballer AND golfer. Who knew?! Kristen’s turn, and the ball hits a tree… I’m not laughing, I swear. Although, I may have heard a bird die.

ezgif-3456015163.gifI feel ya pain. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Ashley is close to making her shot, and with Joel’s help they finish on top.

The underdogs Fire&Ice finally finish making the taffy. I really have enjoyed watching these ladies on the race, they are such an amazing duo and very entertaining with their quirks.

JEmmett arrive at golf to play Kristeph. Kristen’s ball, AGAIN, loves that tree, but lucky for her Jill and Emmett aren’t hitting any better. In these scenes it shows how much Jill struggles when she feels under pressure and the stress really gets to her. Kristeph finally get it done! #2

JAshley arrive first at the ROADBLOCK. One member uses touch and smell to identify 15 specific flowers led by their partner. They must name all flowers in front of a judge to pass. Joel is blindfolded and gets the memory cells working.

At the Face Off, Frankie and Amy are hilarious at playing golf and many giggles ensue. They ultimately take the penalty.

ezgif-2917162780.gifThat ball ain’t goin’ nowhere… [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Back to the Roadblock and Kristen feels frazzled, so Steph is blindfolded. I secretly freak out here as we’ve seen that Kristen normally completes the memory tasks!

Ashley does well helping Joel memorise the flowers (albeit sounding like one of those phone sex hotline chicks. No offense!).

Steph has another panic attack and Kristen tries to calm her down. After taking a breather, it’s all OK (no fighting ladies!) and she’s on a roll. Emmett tells Jill to memorise the Latin names of the flowers, yikes. Meanwhile, Joel keeps attempting to name the flowers and falls short each time. Go Joel! Super Steph goes for her 1st attempt and fails at 13/15. So close!


Jill learning Latin. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Frankie also tells Amy the Latin names, and I’m starting to pull my hair out! You can see Ashley glaring taking note of this error. Kristen also takes note and feels bad. Steph goes for her 4th attempt and succeeds #1! Ashley ain’t happy.

Kristeph call Monty and he advises to drive to Indian Point for the next Pit Stop.

Amy goes for her first memory test and the judge advises her she’s using the wrong language. Amy walks back to Frankie and mum thinks she has to memorize both names. I pull MORE hair out! Jill is in the same boat after learning all the Latin names and she goes absolutely OFF her tree. Jill is livid!

Fire&Ice are trying to figure out what they need to do and Frankie ends up asking Ashley who happens to be right next to them. Ashley says “yeah, all the names, we learnt both”. AWKWARD. While this happens, Joel finishes the Roadblock. And now these tweets make sense…

framyControversial. [Image credit: CTV Television Network]

Kristeph make the pit stop first and I’m filled with joy! And then Monty let’s them know they’ve won a trip to Sydney. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA! I’m even more excited. Welcome down under, ladies.


Back to the Roadblock and Jill finally calms and gets it on her 5th attempt, well done. JAshley make it to the mat at #2 and JEmmett finish in #3. WE HAVE OUR FINAL THREE BABY!

Amy tries again and again, but it all gets too overwhelming and she needs mum’s support. Aww. They know they are in last place and it is just too damn much! If only they had read the clue properly and not asked that Mrs Universe woman for ‘help’. Amy ends up finishing the detour and our favourite Fire&Ice ladies make their way to the Pit Stop. They ran a great race and should be very proud. You will be missed!!


 Farewell, my fave Canadian Gilmore Girls. 

One more thing.

ezgif-4288220496[Image credit: CTV Television Network]