randybailey-2For those who have been living under a rock, Randy was a contestant in Survivor S17: Gabon and S20 Heroes vs Villains.

The King of Gabon is back and making waves on social media with his humorous tweets during the latest seasons of Survivor, The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise and now Australian Survivor. In this Q&A, Randy gives us his thoughts so far on the popular returning season.

Welcome to Reality Ramblings, Randy!

Q: Did you go into Australian Survivor with a fresh outlook or did you look up the cast bios pre-season? What was your first impression? 

A: I could not have had a fresher outlook.  I did not even know that Australian Survivor was happening.  One of my Australian twitter followers (not Lynda) asked me if I was watching.  I told him that I would try to check it out if I could find the time just to pacify the guy.  The next day I found myself bored (Bachelor in Paradise was not on) so I downloaded episode 1 planning on watching 15 minutes or so and then blowing it off. However, I was totally hooked.  I then downloaded the next 4 episodes and binge watched them all and then did a re-watch of the first 2 weeks.  Now every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mornings at about 8AM I am sitting at my computer waiting for the next episode to be posted.  You guys are about 14 hours ahead of us so 8AM Sunday is about 10PM Sunday AU time.


Q: What grabbed you from the first few episodes that made you think WOW, this is going to be great?

A: What grabbed me was that I could see the passion in the eyes of the contestants.  I applied for Survivor 15 times before I finally got the call.  I know what it feels like to want something so badly for 8 years and against all odds, finally make it.  I know what it feels like to complete an 8 year journey and have it culminate on day one in Gabon being greeted by Probst saying “Come on in guys”.  To this day it brings tears to my eyes.  These 24 Australian contestants have been watching American Survivor for like 16 years with NO chance to ever play since they are not US citizens.  Then, just like that, their prayers are answered and they are in the game.  I almost know what that feels like.

Then we hear stories from Kristie about watching the US show at age 10 with her Dad and telling him she will win one day (I hope she does).  And Nick hitting the gym twice per day and setting up challenges in his backyard.  These people want it and it translates to the viewer much like the early days of the show that I fell in love with just like these Aussies did.

I also love the longer episodes.  Australian Survivor is including way more camp life footage than the American version.  Sometimes it is meaningless, but it always is fun and entertaining.  This helps us get to know the characters better and I like it.


YES or NO to more camp life? [Image credit: Network 10]

Q: Is there anyone who was voted out in the first three weeks who you think should still be there (Des, Bianca, Evan, Peter, Barry, Tegan)?

A: Tegan got a bad deal by Nick choosing her in the tribe swap which ultimately cost her the game.  I know Bianca is kicking herself for coming out of the starting gates too fast. She could play again and win.  And I dont think Des or Evan were particularly bad players either.  I don’t even know how sick Peter was causing him to quit.  Let’s just bring them all back and restart.  This cast is all pretty likable.

Q: What do you think of the twists so far? Do you like them? [merge/tribal swap instead of a vote out]

A: Overall I am loving the show.  However, both of these twist were atrocities.  One of my favourite seasons is Pearl Islands which had a similar thing take place with the outcast tribe; TOTALLY  UNFAIR.  However, it did not ruin the season and made for some good episodes later on.  I am a Survivor purist.  The game should be played with 8 vs. 8.  Merge at 10.  Final 2.  No immunity idols or exile island.  This is why I am not a TV producer.


Reactions to Aussie Survivor’s epic twists. [Image credit: Network 10]

Q: Speaking of voting people out, have you enjoyed the episodes where zero contestants goes home?

A: One YES and one NO.  The episode where Peter quit and Aganoa did not have to vote someone out was a horrible producer decision.  You lose immunity, you must vote someone out.  Period.  As for the last episode where 3 tribes went to 2 tribes and there was not a immunity challenge or a tribal council… I thought this was a fun entertaining episode.  No need to send anyone home.

Q: Is there any castaway that you think is playing a similar game that you did on Survivor?

A: No one plays like me.  That’s probably a good thing.


Q: Out of the remaining contestants (at end of week 3), who are your Top 3 favourites to win Australian Survivor?

A: I see hints of a winner’s edit for Kylie, Phoebe and Andrew.


Andrew is one to watch on Randy’s list. [Image credit: Network 10]

Q: Who do you think will meet the end of their Australian Survivor campaign in week 4?

A: I love Kat but she has used 8 of her 9 lives.  I could see Sue being a liability with the new 2 tribe dynamic.  And I hope I am wrong, but Nick’s overplaying might finally catch up to him.

Q: Lots of talk this week, but did you want to see more footage of Kate’s boil?

A: Yes.  I wanted to see the scalpel slice open the boil and streams of bloody puss ooze out.

Q: Lastly, HOST-OFF. Who does it better: Jonathan LaPaglia or Jeff Probst?

A: Probst is Probst.  He is the voice and the face of Survivor.  He IS Survivor.  It would not be and is not the same without him.  Many of you through the years have heard me express my contempt for the guy, but I have to admit that he is the quintessential Survivor host and cannot be improved upon.  With that being said… I wish he would shut the f**k up sometimes.

As for LaPaglia, I think he is doing a great job.  My only complaint against him is that I wish he would stop trying to emulate every movement and gesture that Probst does.  He needs to be his own host for his own show and stop with the Probst impression.

Any other words, Randy?


Big thank you to Randy for this thoughts so far on Australian Survivor, let us know if you agree in the comments below!