Week 4 and contestants have left the island, I repeat, contestants have left the island!

Episode 9: DAY 20-22

Post tribal, oh wait, there was no tribal last episode! But hey the JL v Nick fallout is over and JL is ready to make some connections with her new Saanapu tribe mates. If she can get Nick out of the game (again) in the next couple weeks I will be wildly impressed!

Meanwhile at yellow beach, Craig finds the time to read his hidden idol clue. Kat and Kristie ban together to take on Vavau.


Craig’s getting cluey. [Image credit: Network Ten]


In rotating pairs, race and dive into a mud pit, race back and scrape as much mud off into a trough. First tribe to fill the trough wins reward, which is a relaxing jungle spa, including a shower, soap, toothpaste and of course, champagne.

There is a whole lot of breasts and balls grabbing by both tribes, unintentional of course, and Saanapu’s trough starts filling up quickly. Blue tribe taking lead seems to be happening quite frequently. I find it hilarious how everyone is getting down and dirty in the mud you can’t tell who is who, except Phoebe. The poor love doesn’t want to dirty her hair. And probably for the best as Saanapu end up winning anyway.


Nick says sorry, but Flick doesn’t mind. [Image credit: Network Ten]

At the jungle spa reward Flick mentions she doesn’t care if she doesn’t win anything else in the game… Surely just a slip of the tongue, Flickity! Lee starts man-scaping (let’s just pause this scene shall we). Everyone is scrubbing each other and indluging in the cheese, fruit and champagne. Whilst everyone is having a ball being clean, JL approaches Kylie as she knows they are both on the outs in Saanapu. Kylie’s response gives JL some hope and she thinks of a plan to get Lee and El on side, along with Sam. As I said before, if JL can wrangle some plan together and take down Magic Charlie and his angels, I will be seriously impressed. And I think she has the brains to do it.


Nick wants to give Jono a hug, maybe after a shower 😉 [Image credit: Network Ten]

Vavau clean up in the ocean. Sue says the water is normally turquoise, but now it looks like a Darwin river. Rohan approaches Conner to discuss potentially working together. Andrew smugly says that Rohan is playing a delusional game thinking he can get Conner on side. Rohan is also throwing Kat under the bus while she is only metres away. Andrew calls him a “typical model” and is ready for a kill. Andrew then tells Kat everything Mr Model said and Kat responds by saying Rohan is her least favourite person shes met in the last year. KAT, PLEASE DON’T GET VOTED OUT!

Craig finds the spot where he needs to look for the idol, but can only go at low tide. Craig gets the group to do some exploring. He searches for the majestic tree.

A raging storm hits the Saanapu camp. Matt comes up with a great Aussie slang “ wetter than a cut snake, mate!”, which means everything is CRAZY wet, for the overseas viewers.


It’s Survivor water netball with travel. You can stop opponents from scoring anyway you want; things are gonna get dirty. Three on three, women, men and mixed.


Time to get down and dirty. [Image credit: CBS]

Girls go wild up first! Kate is strong AF and pretty much drags anyone who has the ball to Vavau’s net and of course she scores the first basket. Nick gets it in for Saanapu after a male wrestling match. In the mixed netball, Sue has got JL pinned, go gran! Craig has Sam pinned and JL has Kristie tied up while Kylie scores for Saanapu. Kate grabs Brooke and drags El to her Vavau basket. Kate scores again! In the male round, Lee head-butts Rohan away and tries to break free. Sam gets away and takes a shot. The boys try and wedgie each other and it’s hilarious. Somehow pasty Matt is free in the corner (is this the first challenge we’ve seen him with a shirt off?!). He scores! Saanapu win another immunity.


Kate rips into El. [Image credit: Network Ten]

At Vavau, Phoebe is freaking out. She approaches Kate, who never gives information away to just anyone. Sue asks if anyone has an idol and Rohan says yes… Sigh. He makes it clear it won’t be played tonight apparently. Vavau majority are on to the power couple Phoebe and Rohan and are pretty sure they have an idol. Kat approaches Kristie and they make a pact to vote out Rohan and flush the idol. Phoebe has a strong sense she is going home, which is interesting because from what we had seen this episode it seemed Rohan was going. Phoebe pushes for Rohan to give her the idol. Rohan barely agrees, but asks Phoebe to tell Kristie to vote for Sue. Phoebe doesn’t want to vote out Sue, but she tells the Aganoa girls to do the same.


Sue outs Rohan’s idol. [Image credit: Network Ten]


Jono asks about the camp divide. Andrew makes it clear that Vavau are in a tight majority and opens the floor to Aganoa to get on board with them. Andrew is straight to point and comes across very arrogant wanting everyone to play HIS game. Phoebe asks Kat if shes voting with her. Kat says 100% yes. Phoebe votes for Sue. Rohan votes for Kat, SAY WHAT?! Phoebe then plays the idol, I’ll give Rohan one point for giving it to her, but then minus twenty points for not voting Sue like he told the girls he would. It could have at least been a tie and the majority would’ve had one less vote. In this “biggest blunder” (thanks Channel 10), Rohan goes home with no idol and a confused head. Typical model. Rohan-2 Kat-1 Sue-1 Phoebe-5


Kat’s face though! [Image credit: Network Ten]


Making Chaos Kass proud!!

Episode 10: DAY 22-23

Post tribal, Andrew claims he is executing his game plan perfectly. He says he has a Ferrari in his brain and everyone else is driving Hyundai Excels. Who will be swimming with the fishes next according to Dr Evil’s plans?! Craig searches for the idol. “It’s hidden, oh it’s hidden good girl”. Kat reaches out to Phoebe who is feeling awful about Rohan going home the way he did, but after a few seconds starts to bitch about the model and it gets on Phoebe’s nerves.


Serious business means a serious hat. [Image credit: Network Ten]

Saanapu is living the dream. Lee says Sammy is his type of guy. And was Matt just perving on Brooke? Lee says Saanapu is blessed by the Survivor Gods, and I feel like this is a tribe I would not fit in well with, haha!


Matty sees something else that’s magical. [Image credit: Network Ten]

At Vavau, Phoebe goes searching for the idol as shes noticed Craig searching in a certain are. She finds the idol with no clue and I’m getting excited! Meanwhile, Andrew is talking himself up even more. This doesn’t seem like a good thing with all this airtime. It’s looking as if this time is coming to an end this episode…


Quickly establishing herself as the new Queen P. [Image credit: Network Ten]


Everyone is surprised Rohan is gone and all mention that Kat must have something to do with it. Somewhat!

Tribes to maneuvre rungs through an obstacle course to create monkey bars, a horizontal ladder and a puzzle (SO excited to see Nick and Matt smash this). Brooke sits out for Saanapu.


Anyone see Shirin’s tweet this week? #AussiesDoItBetter [Twitter: @theshirin]

Once again Saanapu take the lead and it just seems to get a little bit old doesn’t it. While Kylie is making the rungs for the ladder, Nick takes note of the patterns and works out the picture puzzle. Puzzle masters Nick and Matt work on the octopus. Kate and Andrew work on the puzzle for Vavau. Saanapu don’t take long to figure it out and win immunity! GO BOYS!

Miserable at Vavau. Phoebe vocalises her thoughts with “our tribe sucks!” and how useless Andrew is in challenges. Andrew tries to ensure with everyone that Kat is going home. Kate chats with Craig and says Andrew is riding on coattails. I’d like to disagree with that. It doesn’t seem he’s a goat unless you want to count challenges individually. He’s definitely been behind votes and helped call the shots. But now everyone starts putting Andrew’s name forward. Craig asks Phoebe if the girls would like to know say if they were voting out Andrew and be on board or not; all in front of Andrew. It’s not a good thing having your name thrown around, even it being hypothetical. You know you can’t last long after that! Craig gives Phoebe the hint-hint. Phoebe asks Kat and Kristie to vote with her, AND that she found the idol. Obviously shes trying to gain their trust and saying shes not going home. Kristie wants to see the idol. Kat doesn’t believe her. Phoebe is desperate and I see why she told them, but I feel like you shouldn’t reveal these things so quickly (or at all!).


Can ‘Chaos Kat’ turn things around before it’s too late? [Image credit: Network Ten]


Sue has a passion to win and doesn’t feel comfortable in the tribe. She wants to slap Phoebe. Jono asks Andrew what he brings to this tribe and he says loyalty and a strong puzzle presence (which didn’t shine through in the last immunity challenge). Kat announces her allegiance to Vavau as Kristie and Phoebe look at each other in shock. Kristie goes up to vote and confesses “Andrew, you’re a super fan who’s not offering anything”. Dr Evil lives another day and Randy Bailey was right, Chaos Kat has stirred up the tribes as much as she can and used up all nine lives. She is voted out, also gaining a vote from Phoebe. Great farewell from the Kat lady. Kat-6 Andrew-2.


Kat leaves with utter class! [Image credit: Network Ten]

Episode 11: DAY 24-26

Honestly, I thought Andrew was going home in the previous episode. I doubted you Dr Evil!! He is now livid and wants revenge on Kristie for writing his name down last tribal.


Andrew: WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR ME!? [Image credit: Network Ten]

Morning of day 24 and Kate starts dinging some bell with a stick and man I would be ready to strangle a chicken! She’s trying to get the camp going after so many defeats by holding a Koga (Kate+Yoga) camp. Andrew doesn’t seem too impressed by doing yoga and mentions how he normally works 9-5, goes home and eats pizza. I hear ya, Andy! But he’s aware that he needs to fit in with the group and goes along with the Koga anyway.


I’d be giving Kate that side-eye too, Andy! #KogaPoses [Image credit: Network Ten]

At Saanapu, there is a real dilemma in whether to eat one of their three chickens. JL wants to kill and eat a chicken. I agree. Nick also wants to eat chicken. But then the excuses start rolling out, e.g. they hygiene of killing a chicken, how certain people don’t want to kill the chicken because it’s not necessary (you still have another 30 days in this game!!). One chicken won’t hurt. Matt wanting to keep Chester around was understandable; maybe he just didn’t feel like chicken nuggets at the time. Save Chester and eat the other two, or if you really want to let one chicken go, then fine. Has anyone else noticed how the tribes haven’t been rationing as much as the US version? Just seems like they are eating way more being a 55 day challenge. Anywhos, I digress.


Nick and JL re-bonding over how they want to cook Chester. [Image credit: Network Ten]


Saanapu want to swap their two chickens, which they stupidly brought to the challenge, for alternate food. Joni pretty much tells them to piss off.

Each tribe member carries a weighted bag and have to walk around a marked course. First team to tap out completely lose reward, or the first team to catch the other team win. Reward is a chocolate feast, filled with cookies, brownies and chocolate milk (Magic Matt’s favourite).

Saanapu’s reaction to hearing the reward looked as if they had already won. I almost thought they did!

Teams are pretty equal most of the way, until Vavau members start to drop. Saanapu gets ahead slightly Sam, Lee, Nick and Kylie. The two strong boys Lee and Sam are left and close in on Vavau. They try and make a run for it, but Lee gets caught in the ropes and falls. Sam ends up dragging Lee behind, almost being strangled by the ropes, but grabs Conner just in time. Saanapu wins reward.

Chocolate feast time! Looking at all the decadent desserts, you know they’re all gonna be sick later. It’s the risk you gotta take for a good Brownie. Sam is in chocolate heaven and Magic Matty chugs the choco milk. They also end up freeing the chickens. BOO. Nick has a bitch in his confessionals and they all start to talk about chicken dishes. Well that’s great isn’t it!


Boyfriends loving brownies, and Magic Matt CHUG, CHUG, CHUGGING! [Image credit: Network Ten]

At Vavau, Conner whips up some deliciously squishy sea cucumber. Andrew claims he doesn’t care about winning rewards and immunity, and that tribal council is where he lives and practices playing the game. No Andrew, that’s not the right thing to say when you’re secretly on the outs with the tribe. Kristie and Phoebe chat to Kate and talk about how Andrew is annoying them. Kate is sick of dragging “dead meat” along for the ride.


One man and one woman from both tribes hold on to a rope connected to a hanging basket. Tribe members will then throw coconuts into the other tribes baskets. Whoever drops first loses. Sue and Craig, Sam and Flick hold the ropes. Nick and El sit out for Saanapu.

Saanapu doing well targetting Craig first. Craig’s basket is half full pretty quickly, leaving Sue with nothing so far. Over at Vavau, Andrew cannot get one coconut in the basket. Eventually, Craig can’t hold on any longer, leaving power woman Sue to hold on tight. It becomes a battle between Sue v Sam and Sam eventually drops. Sue has so many coconuts in her basket and she is holding on for dear life. This woman is doing so much better than I reckon I could do! It’s now Sue v Flick, but Flick has barely any coconuts in her basket due to Vavau’s frequent misses. Craig keeps egg in on Suzie Q until she can hold on no longer. Saanapu wins immunity.


Granny Sue digs deep. Look at that concentration. [Image credit: Network Ten]


Andrew seems pretty blasé about not getting any coconuts in the basket at the last challenge. The rest of the tribe don’t seem impressed. Kristie is hoping she’s in a majority, and even Sue is struggling to know if she’s in the majority going into the vote. Jono brings up the loyalty card with Kate. Andrew says sticking with the alliance is what’s going to happen this vote and to change it up now would be silly; he is so confident! As Jono reads out the votes, Andrew is shocked as hell, but still fronts a smile. He is blindsided and congratulates his tribe for the brilliant play; a true super fan reaction. Andrew goes home in a 4-3 vote. Andrew-4, Kristie-3.


We say goodbye to Dr Evil; Conner is Mini-Me, right?! [Image credit: Network Ten]


“NEXT TIME ON… AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR”: We have our Final 15, will there be another “merge” next week?! And Craig searches for the idol. Pray that Phoebe makes a fake one and hides it for Craig to find!!!

Current elimination votes

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“Another great week of Survivor, it’s really picking up now! We lost three very different contestants, but I felt all three had it coming. Craig is still really impressing me, as is Phoebe. Vavau might be losing challenges, but that tribe has some serious contenders! Bring on next week, I think another tribal shuffle is on the way!”