This week we welcome back Jennah-Louise to the island after a short vacay! And I’m so over the direct cyber abuse some contestants are getting.

Episode 18: DAY 38-39

Post tribal. Sam, quit with the snake talk already! It’s actually going to grate on me if he keeps talking like this. As for Matty, he’s letting Nick’s fiasco outing the alliances get to him. Brooke in a confessional confirms that Matt is on the outer and that they’ve done a really good job so far not letting him know this.

Next day at Fia Fia and it’s really tough watching Magic Matt talk about how he’s not really close to anyone on the tribe and how it reminds him of being back at high school. Oh Matty, you’re pulling on the heart strings here! I feel like he does know he’s on the outs with the girls, but wants to believe he’s not. He just wants to bloody fit in, dammit! Matt also expresses that he strives to be liked by people, and the magic kind of helped him do this. Matt, I like you!!


Chin up, bro! [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Flick tries to ensure everyone doesn’t believe Nick’s true bull dust, and has a chat with Sue. She explains how she doesn’t have a tight alliance with Brooke and El. Now that’s a blatant lie. Girl, Sue sees right through you! Sue agrees to be an extra vote for Flick and they both do a great job playing each other.


“Not in a fit, would I take any orders from Flick, Brooke or El… Not in a FIT!” [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Brooke and Flick have meeting and it is VERY Boston Rob/Redemption Island reminisce. They are keeping tabs on everyone, including those who are in their alliance. These girls are running the show and doing a great job at it. Brooke even talks about doing what she has to do to get the jury votes; for someone who hasn’t watched much Survivor she’s caught on to what she needs to do and it’s impressive! I don’t disagree with Flick’s statement saying once they get down to five they’ll just pick the guys off. It’s the perfect strategy for the girls, albeit absolutely bat shit boring to watch, because it is just frustrating seeing the minorities be picked off one by one.

AND we see JL speak again *happy dance* and she really needs to win immunity and people to help her make a big move against the sorority girls! Will anyone raise their hand?



Challenge is divided into three stages: 1st stage – make your way across a balance beam, building it as you go using tiny tiles – first six people move on to the next stage; 2nd stage – make your way across the most unstable rope ladder in the world – first three people move on the last stage; 3rd stage – shoot three bouncy balls into three barrels using a giant snooker cue. First to land all three balls wins! First four out of the challenge win a surprise.

Matt, Flick, Sue and Lee are out in the first stage, and Jono tells them they are being sent to Exile Beach until tribal council! Similar to Exile Island, but you know the Aussies have to change the name slightly. And I don’t recall a Survivor season where contestants have been removed during a challenge before, correct me if I’m wrong, people. Interesting twist nevertheless. Fast forward and it’s down to El, Brooke and JL to win immunity. And congrats JL, what a comeback to win immunity after a months hiatus!


JL works that… cue. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Exile Beach. The four challenge losers arrive at Exile Beach to a lovely surprise; a hidden immunity idol clue. Sounds like a reward to me! But of course in Australian Survivor, having an idol means it puts a target on your back, and who wants that?! Absolutely no one. And it pains me that Matt didn’t go looking for it. Flick even says if she was not 100% confident she was safe she would be looking for the idol. If i were Matt and Sue I’d be out there searching. The idol is public knowledge, so what have you got to lose. Alas, Flick convinces the group not to look for it. Good play, Flickity.


Wasted idol. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Back at Fia Fia, the majority are throwing Kylie around to be the next boot. Kylie is under the impression that Sue will be the next one to go. I feel so bad for Kylie as she thinks she’s part of the girls alliance. She’s been way too loyal when she had quite a few opportunities to make a move against them. But even going back to last week, she ran to Brooke with information, so they’ve done wonders making her feel comfortable. I don’t completely understand this vote as I think they could have used her vote for a little while longer. She would have been easy person to carry to the end.


The two separate groups arrive at tribal and I love how they continue to be split so they can’t discuss strategy.

King of Jury Villa attends tribal. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Jono asks Kylie if she thinks everyone is being honest. This is where Kylie crumbles, she wants to believe in people she believes in. She truly believes she is part of the clique. Magic Matt also gets thrown around and it looks like it’s between him and Kylie going home tonight! The majority rules again with a split vote and Kylie going home. Now I was rooting for Kylie from the start and even though she was duped I still think she’s a top chick. Go Kyles!  Kylie-7, Sue-3.

Sometimes loyalty isn’t enough. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

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Episode 19: DAY 40-41

JL and Sue start the new day trying to get Sammy on side. He isn’t budging one bit. They try Matt and he seems to agree with them in where he stands in the hierarchy, but he just can’t let the girls go. Matty has been fooled like Kylie at last tribal and wants to believe in the people he believes in. But can you blame him? He’s heard from different people (one of them on the jury) that he’s not really part of the majority alliance, but he’s still there. 40 days have past, what are you meant to believe?! And what’s worse is that he has to watch back on his mistake and only now see what the girls said behind his back.  They’ve done a great job keeping him happy. Awful, but the reality of the game for some. And the cyber abuse from viewers is getting really old. Those who judge from their lounge need to get over themselves; is it really necessary to tag someone to call them a ‘dumbfu*k’ on a public forum?! I honestly feel bad for the dude and man oh man I really hope he ends up switching it up next week!


Magic Matt, please watch your step. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

And now that Matty has told the girls about JL working against them, the three amigas are livid!!

Flick’s got her eye on everyone. [Image credit: Channel Ten]


The tribe is split into two teams. One person is the shooter who launches balls using a catapult, and the other three are catchers. Team to catch most balls wins reward. Yellow team: Matt, Kristie, JL and Flick. Blue team: Brooke, Lee, Sam and El. Sue sits out and chooses Team Lee to win and she gets to enjoy the reward, which is a Sunday roast!

So, obviously Team Lee (blue) annihilates the other team; he catches all the balls. So nanna and her two mean girls and good guys go off to enjoy a feast!

AS406.PNGLee is the MASTER of balls. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Whilst the Sunday roast crew are enjoying a meal, Flick and JL have an interesting conversation about the group dynamics and it seems like JL may have gotten into Flick’s head. MAYBE. It’s a tough one to crack.

Next day and things get awkward. No on is talking to JL. She has an inkling Matt told them about their little chat the day before. People are throwing others under the bus left, right and centre! Those darn mean girls!


 First glance at this challenge and I immediately think of this:


No one is as dramatic as Coach Wade. [Image credit: CBS]

Stand in a frame and do a calf raiser whilst holding an idol up only using your head. You’re not allowed to touch the idol or the frame. Last one standing wins immunity.


Sue in response to the absurdity of the challenge “I might as well just stand here”. Love ya Sue, she has the best one-liners. And she actually lasts longer than Flick and Sam. Brilliant! It all comes down to Matty and JL. Matty seems to be going well, but the shakes start building. JL has been shaking for about 10 minutes and she’s still hanging in there. It all becomes too much for Matt and JL wins her second immunity challenge in a row!


The 5-strong alliance is pissed off JL has immunity and it actually makes her look like more of a threat to get out. They start to toss Sue’s name around. JL and Sue plan their next move, and we finally get to see Sue’s Super Move! She comes up with a brilliant plan. They assume the majority alliance are splitting votes between Kristie and Sue, so why not target Kristie as well and surprise them!


JSue’s Super Move. [Image credit: Channel Ten]


JL tells Jono about how ‘someone’ threw her under the bus and her former alliance has now gone against her. Matt pipes up telling her what she told him and JL knows he twisted her words. No one knows who is telling the truth. Poor Matty and his downward spiral continues; he has no idea how low on the totem pole he is placed. And JL makes it pretty clear on her stance of his game. You can see the frustration on El, Flick and Brooke’s face wanting JL to shut up. Sue reinstates the fact that there IS a hierarchy which is made up o the three girls, the two boys and the rest of them who are fodder. She then digs deeper and outs El and Lee who won’t ever vote for each other, and then Brooke and Flick. The girls deny it, but we all know what’s true. Sue ain’t no dummy! And then Sam does a stupid thing and has a dig at Nick on the jury; this ‘good’ guy is definitely not winning any jury votes. Alas, it always seems to be the person who points out the hierarchy who goes home and tonight it’s Sue’s turn. What a close vote though, if only it worked out! Sue-5, Kristy-4.

 Farewell Susie Q, we shall miss you! [Image credit: Channel Ten]

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“NEXT TIME ON… AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR!”: Yet again, will one of the outsiders take out the 5-strong alliance?! Don’t pay attention to any of the promos to make your decision! And we go back to two nights a week airing Sunday and Monday nights.




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“First of all, we welcome JL to the game! We know she’s always been there but now she’s decided to step it up a notch; here’s hoping it’s not too little too late. We say goodbye to Kylie and Sue, and we are still watching the three girls dominate this tribe and what moves are made! I think a shake-up is coming though, and boy I cannot wait. If nothing happens in this shake-up, I still think Brooke is in the best position, otherwise could a dark horse like JL win this thing?”