This week we lose two queens, one from Vavau and the other from Sanaapu. We witness the best tribal council this season (where someone goes home!) and I say farewell to my winners pick since Queen P left. Time for a new one…

Nick – not as dramatic, but. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Episode 20 – Day 42-43

Post tribal. Matt is annoyed how everyone is telling him what to do and to make moves and he defends that he has been the whole time; they just haven’t shown us, bro. JL defends everything she said at tribal; she’s not giving up yet. She’s now the last original Vavau standing.

Day 42. Lee confesses he is struggling with what’s been happening in the game and voting-wise chats to his former Aganoan mate, Kristie. He lets her know he voted for her last tribal. Kristie is disappointed, but she still trusts him. Lee tells her that Matt is starting to make some big moves, really? He pushes to vote him out. This is the first time we see Lee getting some strategy on, but totally the wrong call.

JL says she is perfect to take the end, because she won’t get any jury votes. I think that’s debatable and she knows it! I’d give her a vote if she sat next to Sam 😉 JL and Kristie talk about shaking things up, which seems to be mentioned every episode! Very reminisce of Ciera Eastin in Cambodia wanting people to make a move and start playing, although I think JL has started ‘playing’ a little too late.

Brooke and Flick talk about keeping Matt in the alliance and possibly voting out El and Lee. They are doing a brilliant job of keeping him on side; in and out of the alliance without him even realising.


Nothing like strategising while plucking the besty’s eyebrows. [Image credit: Channel Ten]


Run over a seesaw, balance beam and mud pit, and transport blocks back to the start. Run through the obstacle course again to an icon grid to memorise, race back to the start and place blocks in order in which you read them.

Lee and Sam take the lead and get to their blocks first. Kristie calls for a check first. She’s wrong. JL calls for a check. She’s wrong. Sam calls out that he has it. JL calls for another check, shes’ wrong. After a few calls between Sam, El and Kristie, Brooke calls and because of the dramatic music we know she’s got it! She ties with JL winning two individual immunity challenges this season.


How’s your memory after 42 days? [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Brooke and Flick want to get El and Lee out, but is it too soon? I don’t think so. I think it’s a great time to get one of them out as they’re both threats for the end game. JL tells El and Brooke that Matt is the one they should be targeting. She sells it pretty well. For El this is the perfect move to get rid of Matt and she talks to Lee. They both feel like they need to take more control of their game. El is starting to feel that Brooke, Matt and Sam are planning something behind their backs. Kristie is panicking that she is the one going tonight. JL mentions the entire game may change tonight; JL has spoken, hear her roar.


JL assures Kristie that the game is about to change. [Image credit: Channel Ten]


JL tells Jono that she doesn’t think everyone is playing this game or doing everything they need to do to get to the end. Brooke says she has been thinking about the end and everything has led to her still being in the mix for the win. Lee then confesses he’s not really there for the money… Excuse me?! JL is offended. And so am I!


You tell him, girl! [Image credit: Channel Ten]

JL can see the cracks and points them out, firstly Matt, who doesn’t believe it. She then outs Flick as someone who is sitting at the bottom of Saanapu. Wow that’s interesting. Flick then points out smaller alliances that are evident and hopes she isn’t at the bottom. I have a feeling JL is going home tonight; she’s stirring things up way too much. She’s a dangerous threat.

Going by the votes it’s obvious JL couldn’t wrangle anything with the others and knew she was going home. JL and Kristie end up voting for each other. Could have swung a bung vote on one of the girls though. Jennah-Louise-5, Kristie-3.

Watch Jennah-Louise’s “Jury Villa” here

Episode 21 – Day 44-45

JL’s words have stuck with Flick about how she’s at the bottom of the Saanapu alliance. Flick then confesses she’s willing to betray friendships in order to make a big move… A storm’s coming! She feels El is more of a ‘real’ person and that Brooke is acting (aka pretty much a faker) at times; ouch! Kristie confesses how she has made it the final seven and that it’s a much subtler game than you think. I love how the edit keeps showing these little clips from Kristie. Oh so subtle, just like her game. She’s come along way since the first swap and I can see her sliding through the next couple of tribals. Is this telling us Kristie could win this game?


Kristie’s definitely the Dark Horse to win. [Image credit: Channel Ten]


Balance on a small perch, leaning back over the water, holding on to a rope. Every 10 minutes move down a knot. Last one standing wins. Reward is a night’s stay in a luxurious bed, a bottle of water and chocolates. All back at camp to just to rub it in everyone’s face.

It’s pretty much a contest between the strong and mighty Sam and Lee; sorry Matty! In the end Lee slips and Sam wins reward. Sam gets to choose a friend to spend the night with, he picks Lee because he came second, not mate ship. Lee can’t wait to spoon his Sammy.

Matt laughs that he chose the most beautiful man on the island instead of a woman. Brooke is jealous of Lee and sees him as a threat to her game; she wants Sam all to herself. Sam and Lee are smitten with each other and they open up a special package; Tim Tams! Sam is SO excited. He is the Chocolate Man after all!


TIM TAM SAM. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Brooke is thinking about the end prize and wants to start planning HER next big move. Brooke and Flick talk about voting out Lee or El. El is a nice lady and has no enemies, and Lee is straight up just a nice all-round guy. Who wouldn’t give these two the $500k?

Brooke approaches Sam and tells him Lee needs to be voted out. But good guy Sam wants El out. Sam is hesitant about voting for Lee, but the dude seems to do whatever Brookey tells him so he’s on board. This is where Sam also starts talking about wanting to play the game; he said that about 3 weeks ago!


BRAM are tight as, bro! [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Welcome back Flick’s stank-face. And then she comes out with a ripper… She confesses that Brooke has not fought for her spot in the game and that she’s been taken for a ride. WHAT?! Is this a new thought that Flick has or has she been playing Brooke since Day 1?! She did after all want to throw Brooke under the bus about 10 weeks ago; thanks Conner. Flick tells El that Brooke and Sam don’t want to go to the end with her and Lee. Flick is gunning for Brooke and El is all on board that train! I have no idea what’s happening, but WOW. I’m not 100% if Flick is telling the truth, but the way she sold it I’d believe it too.


Can El trust Flick? [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Lee works it Zoolander style with his new boxers. The girls go wild! Meanwhile, sad background music is cued and Sam explains how hard it is for him to vote out his best mate Lee.


Wasn’t going to, but had to include this. #BlueSteel [Image credit: Channel Ten]

After a good night’s sleep Lee goes for a walk with El and she tells him that Flick mentioned Sam and Brooke plan on voting him out. Lee is really hurt that their mate ship has been jeopardised. They decide to vote out Brooke as she has had too much control in this game. Lee realises that Sam is the real snake! Kristie will do whatever Lee tells her and is in with the Brooke blindside plan. She’s still not convinced Flick is on board. I’m surprised Lee hasn’t brought up using his advantage on this vote. Does he even remember he has it?


Build a house of cards, Survivor Style! This does not look easy. Brooke keeps her eye on Lee the whole time. Actually most of them do; people, focus on your own! Lee wins immunity pretty easily.

Flick and Brooke go for a walk and they agree to vote out El. But little does Brooke know, Flick wants HER goneskis! Sam, Brooke and Matt agree to vote out El. Sam and Matt ask Brooke if she’s totally sure Flick is on board. Then Magic Matt brings up the fact that Flick may turn on them. Hallelujah, Matt may finally be right with something! Tonight’s tribal will be very telling.


FLASHBACK: Not anymore…! [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Lee is worried about the plan and tells El and Kristie. Hello Lee, use your advantage! El knows they are writing her name down. Lucky for them Kristie is a brilliant actor so they have no problem with her putting on a face. Sounds like a full lie-fest tonight at tribal!

Flick confesses she loves both Brooke and El the same, but she wants to win this game, so who will she side with?! Blindside of the season imminent!


Lee tells Jono it’s all about the alliance and he’s sticking to his word. Jono asks Brooke if she thinks it’s an individual game and she somewhat agrees, but they still need to use alliances to make it as far as they can… and then rip each others heads off if they need to. Flicks face is like, F*CK! Flick tells Jono there is no alliance of 7, contrary to what Matt is telling him and El tells the magician to stop beating around the bush. Jono asks Brooke if there’s anyone she can 100% trust (love the panning to Flick, man I’d feel so awful!). Jono asks Kristie how she’s kept friends in this game, well she doesn’t really have any does she?! This girl is going to float all the way to the end, and I’m OKAY with that! Matt talks about weighing up making an early move and how a later move could counteract it. This is getting really interesting.

They show Flick write her first pen stroke and it’s obvious it’s Brooke (who would start writing El on the left side of the parchment?!) 45 days of friendship, thrown out the window. ARGH! It’s the game after all…


Tally Count the votes time and the look on Brooke’s face says GAME OVER. She glances over at Flick and is shocked. I myself am on the edge of my seat and can feel the betrayal through the screen. Brooke goes home in the biggest blindside in AUSTRALIAN Survivor history. Thanks Flickity!! Epic move. Finally! Well done. I’LL MISS YOU BROOKE! Thought you had this one in the bag… Clearly I was too confident in your win too. Brooke-4, El-3.

Queen B didn’t see it coming. #Outplayed. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Watch Brooke’s “Jury Villa” here

[Side note: I am torn with this decision. Has Flick burnt bridges too soon? My first reaction was that Flick is in a better position to get to the end with Brooke, Sam and Matt. But she would only be guaranteed 4th spot, 3rd if she could convince Sam and Matt that Brooke was a bigger threat and vote her out. But looking upon the relationships it seems as if Brooke’s got control of the two boys. Brooke would also most likely win immunity to get to the end which wouldn’t help Flick at all. On the flip side, I now feel Flick is at the bottom of an Aganoan alliance in Lee, El and Kristie. This makes Brooke’s boot premature… BUT, time will tell. Either way, Flick is doing the right thing getting Brooke out, but OHH THE BRUTAL FRIENDSHIP BOOT!!]

“NEXT TIME ON… AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR!”: The after math of Flick’s big move. How bitter will the boys be?! And is Kristie ready to make her BIG move?




“Well, wasn’t that an interesting week! I lost 2 of my faves, but I need to give Flick props because she got Brooke good (and totally would have won if Flick didn’t do that). It’s so hard to guess how the rest of this season is going to go, but I wouldn’t rule out any of these Final 6. I think they could all still win at this point. It’s going to be interesting to watch!”