Gives Eliza’s eyes a run for their money. [Image credit: CBS]

Post tribal. And what many of us knew was going to happen – Chris and Bret are PISSED with Lawyer Lewis. She defends the girls action because of what Paul told her earlier. The boys don’t want to hear it and immediately we realise it wasn’t the best move; all trust is lost. Big moves don’t always mean they’re the best moves (but we love watching them!).

Purple Lucy (literally purple) gets her first confessional! And she’s already putting all blame on Jess Lawyer Lewis for making the guys upset. Girl, you made your bed, now own it! Lucy tells the guys that it was ALL Jessica’s idea to vote out Paul and wants to team up with them. For some reason she thinks she also has Ken and David in her back pocket.


The only confessional you’re gonna get. [Image credit: CBS]

Vanua beach. Some of the Millennials go hunting for goats; what a bunch of sheep! Adam Klein has the better idea of hunting for idols. Eventually he finds what he thinks is an idol and geeks out, but it’s a clue. Survivor never makes it that easy do they, except for David and that coconut.

WILL WANT FOOD. [Image credit: CBS]

And who the hell let Figgy have the machete?!?!



Race out to retrieve a ring to get back to your tribe flag pole. Two members from each tribe will compete at a time and try to stop each other from getting that ring back. The location for this challenge is an amazing little isle. The ocean swells are incredible. Michelle sits out. How purple has she become since episode 2?! Reward is a barbecue feast!

Boys first – the most impressive is CHRIS HULK HAMMONS. WHAT A UNIT! He single-handedly keeps Adam and Jay anywhere near the ring. It’s the girls turn and WOW, Michaela has to be the most determined person out there. She DRAGS Figgy, Sunday and Cece to flag pole. And then one of the most memorable moments when Michaela says F*CK it all, taking her bikini top off.

Michaela in beast mode | Lawyer Lewis trying to run from the Ta-ta’s! [Image credit: CBS]

She uses the swell to drag the ring and everyone else to the Millennials pole. The battle of Hulk Chris is exciting to watch, and he lifts David in victory. Even Probst gets swept away by all it’s glory!!

Vanua beach. Michaela:


Adam goes searching for his idol, which is located in a shell with a tribe motif. He finds the idol just as Hannah spots him and she is hilarious just wishing him luck! Adam mentions his mum who at the time had stage 4 lung cancer; so heartbreaking. He’s playing this game because his mum is also a super fan and to live out his dream. Really hope Adam makes it far in this game. He has so much heart!


Adam making his mum proud. [Image credit: CBS]

Takali beach. David, Ken and Lucy go for a walk and the new ‘dictator’ Lucy tells the boys that they ARE voting for Lawyer Lewis. And if they don’t…


Ken is NOT happy with Lucy. How dare someone tell Ken what to do!!


Three members from each tribe run through an obstacle course and are lifted by their team mates to collect bags on the three different levels. Who doesn’t love a new challenge?! This is great! Adam sits out.


Cool new challenge. [Image credit: CBS]

I am really confused as to why they had Chris go out. Surely they could have put someone else in there like Sunday. Figgy makes some ground for the Millennials being lighter and all. GenX are looking really good and David collects the third round of numbers first. Both teams are on the puzzle quickly. It’s Chris, Ken and David versus Figgy, Michelle and Michaela. After 40 minutes superhero Zeke comes up with the answer and Millennials yet again win immunity.

Takali beach. Lucy ensures Chris that she has everyone on board to get Lewis out. She’s a tiger mum, not like all other regular mums. Ken tells David he’s pissed with Lucy and wants her out. David tells Cece the plan; who knew Cece would be so safe now?! Ken tells Jess that everyone is voting for her tonight and that she needs to talk to Sunday about it. Jess doesn’t want any of this bullshit and ends up telling Lucy. NOO!! David is there and now he’s freaking out. Their plan’s foiled! Ken is pissed again and now doesn’t trust Jess. Ken has another go at Lucy, and she can’t believe he’s getting emotional about her telling him who to vote for. Ken’s vote against Jessica was more him being annoyed with rather than him accepting to vote with Lucy.

David contemplates using his idol on Jess. :O


The rift between Ken and Lucy is brought up at tribal. KenDoll is not impressed and Lucy thinks he should appreciate her bluntness. Ken bring up Jess not being loyal and she asks him whether she can trust anything he says. Staring contest ensues.


YEAH..! [Image credit: CBS]

Jeff asks if anyone wants to play an immunity idol and everyone is surprised when David stands up. They thought this was an easy vote. This is what I love about this game you never know what’s gonna happen. David plays his idol for Jess. WHAAAT?! The tribe shake their head. The first ‘Jessica’ is read out and she realises she was definitely in the shit tonight!


David and Cece’s ‘Lucy’ vote gets the new dictator voted out. Jess is sitting there relieved and in disbelief! Surely she’s in David’s back pocket now after that move. Lucy-2, Cece-1, Jess-5.


Don’t you hate when things don’t go to plan, Lucy?!

And the last Asian standing is voted out. How rude. [Image credit: CBS]

“NEXT TIME ON… SURVIVOR”: Looks like a tribe swap this episode, so I’m worried David used his idol prematurely, but he has gained Jess’ trust for now. Time will tell! And I really hope FAYLOR get broken up…




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“Everyone better pack their bags tonight, we’ve got a snitch in this place”

And so it was as we often find in Survivor. As soon as the invisible contestant began to gain screen time they get shafted. However in the case of Lucy, the way it happened was anything but predictable. Honestly, Jessica must have lady luck (or just dumb luck) on her side in this game so far, with finding the legacy advantage, and for David sacrificing some safety in the game to save her.

Jessica shouldn’t have been so surprised people in her old alliance were gunning for her after the Paul vote. Especially the guys after they were also blindsided. Running back to Lucy to try and confirm Ken’s version of events served her no purpose. What do you expect Lucy to say? ‘Oh shit you got me – yes I was trying to get you out? And she seemed completely shocked to receive votes, sitting there like a stunned mullet.

That’s not to say Ken should be applauded for his game-play either. Sure, Lucy was blunt and maybe a bit bossy, but if you’ve been given a secure plan, sometimes you should just run with it. If he wasn’t seen as such a strong member in the challenges his snitching on the plan probably would have seen him voted out, as like Lucy said, he’d no longer be seen as trustworthy.

As for whether David playing the idol for Jessica was a good move or not – it’s definitely a wait and see. On a whole in Survivor, I’d normally suggest to save idols for yourself, but so often we see those in possession of the idol play it successfully only to go home that week anyway.  David playing it for Jessica no doubt will curry some favour, and if she’s on his side now (and she should be since her alliance turned on her) they will have the numbers along with Cece, David and Ken to vote out the others. That said, all of this could be a bit of a moot point since there’s set a tribe switch up next week. Is it just me or does anyone else wish they let the Generations compete against each other for a bit longer? After all it’s the name of the game this season.

Over at the Millennials, definitely the crack up quote of episode was Michaela in response to her bare chested competition “They got to see some Ta ta’s today!” Love her. Fierce, funny, says what she thinks and seems like she’d never give up. Definitely someone I’m rooting for on the Millennial girls now that Mari is gone.

Incredibly emotional scene with Adam finding the immunity idol. Powerful stuff. I hope Hannah and him work together and/or she keeps his idol searching under wraps and doesn’t tell the others. It does seem like she wants to work with him – sorry be used by him, so I don’t think the fact she saw him searching will impact his game too much. We’ve seen enough snitching lately! As far as the season is progressing over four votes – as much as I like big moves, sometimes they don’t make a whole lot of sense as we’ve seen so far. From a good game-play perspective it would be good to see some stability in the alliances for a couple of weeks, unless it makes sense for some of the people in established alliances to switch things up.