That’s what all the girls say…

Episode 22 – Day 46-47

Post tribal. Sam comes to terms with the plan blowing up in his face and Brooke going home; not so nice when you’re being seen as the snake now is it. Matt and Sam are now sitting ducks!

Flick time – she reflects on her move at last tribal and she takes Matt aside. She explains she felt Brooke was controlling the game too much and her relationship with Sam was threatening. Matt’s upset that Flick didn’t tell him about the plan as he feels he’s been loyal the entire time. He calls her out that it’s NOT just a game because they’ve all been hurt. Matt doesn’t really want to work with Flick, but he just may well have to, to stay in the game.


Can Matt trust Flick, again?! [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Flick feels that El and Lee are her best bet to make the final 3. (But you need to look final 2, Flickity!) Now you would think Lee and El would pick each other in the final 2, because Flick most likely won’t win immunity. Smart thing for them to do is to take Flick to the end. The three of them talk about voting out Kristie when it comes down to it. Just as that conversation ends, Kristie rocks up to the party… Matt’s now the target. Kristie knows something’s up! She doesn’t want to be taken advantage of again. Make your move, girl! Kristie wanders off and finds Matt to see where his head’s at. She’s willing to work with others and knows in her gut that Lee, El and Flick might gun for her.

Kristie, always thinking! [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Lee wants to know where Kristie is and she never came back ‘from the dunny’ (refer toilet). Kristie is devising a plan with Matt in the sand and it gets interesting! What’s funny is that they are still including Flick in their plan. El is furious at the thought of Matt manipulating Kristie. El and Flick eventually catch Kristie and Matt and our master actress lies about going to the toilet and ‘feeling a bit sick’. GOLD LOGIE nominee 2017.

El is furious!! [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Lee really likes Kristie, but isn’t sure she will make the top 3. Well, that’s not good enough for her, Lee! He has a chat with her to see where her head is at. Kristie plays the dumb card about her chat with Lee. Lee pretty much is telling her that Final 4 is what you’re gonna get and that’s awesome enough. Kristie brings up Lee’s relationship to Flick and he’s pretty blasé about it all.

Matt is annoyed with the control Lee and El have over Flick and Kristie. His strategic side is coming out again! Where have you been the last few weeks?! Matt feels Flick made a dumb move making an alliance with the strongest couple in the game. He asks her about her plans for making the final 2. And as I mentioned before, she hasn’t. Flick says she hasn’t thought about it and when it’s her time to go, it’s her time to go.I’m not completely sure if this was truthful? Or if she was completely blinded by El. Sam and Matt promise to vote for Flick at final 2 and she asks them how to get there. Flick is now considering burning bridges with El and Lee and the only way this is successful is if Matt, Sam AND Kristie are all on board.


MATT: THE STRATEGIST! Mwahaha [Image credit: Channel Ten]


5 items in a box, count how many there are and this will give the numbers to coordinates. Wrap ropes around the coordinate points in a sand pit, x marks to the spot for puzzle pieces in sand. First person to solve puzzle wins reward – spend a night at a luxury spa.

It’s pretty much a competition between Lee v Flick v Matt. After some sand issues, Matty wins reward! Jono tells Matt that he will be bringing someone with him to the spa, but won’t know who it is until tonight at tribal council. ANOTHER TWIST.


Puzzle. King. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Matt thinks the power couple will be there at the final 2 and finally Flick agrees with this.


Tribal council has a name board, that’s a first! Reward challenge at tribal, another first! It’s a game of questions to how you think everyone views each other. Winner gets to join Matt at the spa. And Matt is part of this challenge obviously for funsies, SO DUMB. All the answers are SAM, SAM, SAM! And this is why you don’t have this type of challenge with only 6 people.


Questions include:
Who do you think deserves to win Survivor? SAM.
Who least deserves to win Survivor? SAM.
Who is playing the game more than anyone? FLICK.
Who is flying under the radar? EL.
Who is least likely to win the game? SAM.
Who is the most popular player? LEE.
Who is the least popular player? KRISTIE.


Poor Sam. HAHAHA. [Image credit: Channel Ten]

Who do you most want to see sitting next to you at Final 2? EL.
Who do you least want to see sitting next to you at Final 2? SAM.
Who is the most likely to blindside you? SAM.
Who is the best listener? SAM.

Flick v Matt in top 2. I don’t understand this challenge and why Matt is in it, and even worse, why no one knocked him out first. He shouldn’t be in the top 2! C’mon guys.

Flick wins the spa with Matt, and there’s one more spot to bring. Flick picks Kristie and PHEW, that was the correct choice.

Jono tells them Sam, El and Lee will spend the night at Exile beach, with just a machete and flint.

Exile Beach. Awkward Sam is stuck on a beach with the two people who hate him. That’s what ya get, snake!



Episode 23 – Day 48-49

Matt Kristie and Flick awake at their villa to a beautifully laid out breakfast. Flick admits she will turn on El and Lee and make sure the three of them are on the same page. Flick ensures Kristie they need to stick together. Kristie is ready to leave her mark in the game.



If they are NOT the final 3, I WILL eat this rock. [Image credit: CBS]

Exile Beach. Lee, El and Sam have a horrific night together and they do their best to get a fire going. Sam knows they want him out and doesn’t even bother talking to them. What a waste of a twist, no idols to hunt for. Producers keep messing with us…


Both teams arrived, and the reward winners are shocked to find out the losers stayed a night at Exile beach.

Compete in 2 teams of 3 – which are the last rewards winners and losers. Crack coconuts and poor juice into cup, cross to next member and pour into their mouth, then that last person needs to fill a jar by spitting coconut water into it.

Flick’s got a big mouth, but the way Kristie is pouring she would miss a mini wading pool below! Lee, Sam and El win an advantage for the next immunity challenge, and they’ll find out what it is on arrival.


Hope you left her a drop after that performance. [Image credit: CBS]

Fia Fia Beach. El and Lee are left alone and they aren’t happy that Sam also has the advantage. Lee talks about how close he and El are, and he makes it clear he’d take her to final two. El tells us that her and Lee have spooned since night one, and the lovers have come out! Lee reveals his feelings for El. AWW. El’s dream is to make it to the end with her lover. OKAY, time for one of them to go!


Will LEL produce the first Australian Survivor babies? [Image credit: CBS]

Matt seals the deal with Sam that Lee is gone if he doesn’t win immunity. Matt feels like he’s on a high with this plan and he has a chance of winning this game.

Day 49. [Holy crap this season is way too long…] Kristie thinks joining Flick is a concern and is scared that she will throw her under the bus. Lee has been trustworthy and loyal to her so far, so she needs to make the right choice for her. Looks like Kristie is about to crack! Kristie gets upset in front of the others and they try to cheer her up. Lee tries and comforts her by telling her not to believe in magical options others putting in her head. Flick is now worried about Kristie that she’ll tell El and Lee about their plan, so she takes them aside first. Flick tells the power couple that the boys are gunning for Lee. She’s in a great spot! So far she’s doing well keeping the relationship with El and Lee.


Balance on a triangular platform on water. At intervals, move up the triangle making it more difficult to stand. Last person standing wins immunity. Advantage – 3 of them get to start the challenge 10 minutes after everyone else has.

Flick and Kristie Matt are out first, surprise, surprise. Sam, El and Lee pass 1 hour. At 90 minutes everyone stands on top. El falls in first leaving it between Sam and Lee. Sam unfortunately falls in first and Lee wins his second individual immunity. He and El celebrate beating Sam.


Sam is very worried that he is going home tonight, and he should be because if Lee is smart he’ll use his advantage tonight. Matt is adamant El will go home tonight, but is well aware of Lee’s advantage and knows he may play it at tribal. Lee wants to get rid of Sam and tells Flick and Kristie the plan to split votes between Matt and Sam. Flick takes Kristie aside to make sure she’s on board with voting El out.

Kristie is STILL torn between who to vote with. El asks Kristie if she wants a chat and she says yeah…. FUCK. Kristie wants to be loyal to Lee and proceeds to tell him ALL about Matt and Flick’s plan to get rid of El. EVERYTHING. I’m gobsmacked. She tells him the whole plan and that she doesn’t know which way to vote, like she is trying to get Lee’s third party opinion on the whole situation! Lee tells her not to believe any of the bullshit they tell her. And not to think about the end game, YES YOU DO LEE, ITS FINAL 6! Lee tells El that Flick may be telling porkies.


Oh sweet Kristie, what have you done?! [Image credit: CBS]

El takes Flick aside and tells her what Kristie said. Flick does a brilliant job (acting lessons from Kristie, obviously) convincing El that she never said such things and that it’s just Kristie being paranoid. I am as annoyed as you are Flick, how frustrating!



Lee doesn’t like how people have told him to make a move; cue Nick eye rolls.


Jono asks him if he’s made up his mind to who he wants to take to the end with him, but Lee says they might not be here; cue my eye roll. El tells Jono that she was celebrating at immunity because Sam lost and that she’s voting for him tonight. Sam knows he’s in trouble since the Brooke vote and that Lee and El are calling the shots. Matt agrees that they are running the show at the moment, and that Flick and Kristie are in the middle. He tells everyone that if they don’t do something Lee and El will be final two. El thinks Kristie and Flick are currently in the best position being swing votes. Kristie says she’s going to stick to her word. Flick’s also sticking to her word, and Brooke’s face says it all…

Lee pipes up and he wants to use his advantage, he is able to cancel a vote tonight and it’s Sam. Shock. Horror.

First round of voting: Sam-2, Matt-2, El-1. In my opinion, Flick did the right thing going along with Lee and El’s plan. Without having Sammy’s vote, why ruin the bonds now especially with Kristie not flipping either.

Second round of voting (Lee, El, Flick & Kristie must vote Sam or Matt): Sam-3. Spiderman turned snakey Sam goes to Jury Villa and awaits his Brooke, and the wrath of Nick.

Watch Sam’s “Jury Villa” here

“NEXT TIME ON… AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR!”: We are at the FINAL 5, baby!! Over three big nights we FINALLY find out who wins this monster season.

[MY PREDICTION]5: El; Surely Matt, Flick and Kristie can get together and break up the power couple, starting with El. 4: Matt; I really hope I’m wrong, but I just see Lee winning immunity and he still has a connection with Kristie. It just makes sense for Flick to vote with them. 3: Flick; really, really hope I’m wrong (I want Flick to win!). Final 3 immunity will surely be an endurance challenge thanks to a Channel 10 spoiler (6 hours!), so I just don’t see Flick winning this one. Think it comes down to Lee and he picks Kristie. And I think Lee beats Kristie in a close vote. Don’t bet me on any of the above. I NEVER get the winner right 😉




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“We are down to just five now as we say goodbye to Sam, and another Saanapu! Who would have guessed there would be three Aganoans in the Final 5! Interesting choices have been made, but everyone is playing hard in their end games. Its anyone’s game right now, any of these five could pull off a win. I cant wait to see how it’s going to unfold!”