Night 15 Post Tribal. David backs up his reasoning in voting out Cece and how happy he is to join Chris and Zeke. Zeke thinks the Gen-Xers are cray cray for voting one of their own out! All hail team Zeke!! This guy is winning right now.

Ikabula tribe. The new Angkor tribe are on struggle street, tired and exhausted. Jay is going out of his way to take care of his tribe, especially the ladies. He says he’s going to win Survivor and has his mum and sister are always in the back of his mind. I think Jay is more than just a ‘sickie, sickie, nar-nar’ guy and has his head screwed on more than we think.

Jay is one to watch this season. [Image credit: CBS]

He finds the tribe motif on a piece of bamboo. YES! He breaks the bamboo and BAM there’s the hidden idol. Will is with him at the time, but I think he’ll be able to trust him. Then ANOTHER BAM, Michaela pops out of nowhere! Can’t keep this girl away from any secret. I think Jay is safe for now, Michaela won’t use it against him… yet!


STEALTH. [Image credit: CBS]



Figgy is a bit too happy to see Michelle. [Image credit: CBS]

One person is the caller, the rest of the members are blindfolded collecting puzzle pieces. While still blindfolded, one member will be directed by the team caller to solve the puzzle. Reward is a DESSERT FEAST – first winner – apple pie, brownies, iced tea. Second winner – choc chip cookies. Bret and Hannah sit out for Ikabula.

Figgy, Michelle and Jay are the callers for their respective tribes. Way to make this challenge harder with the un-spooling of posts. Dizzy AND blindfolded. After some struggles with David wandering off by himself, Michele and Vanua come from a huge behind and win reward first; Michele killed the puzzle!


Heads down, bum up, for Vanua. [Image credit: CBS]

Jay brings Ikabula the second reward. Figgy is hell upset that she lost the puzzle for Takali.


I though Ken’s run was a bit cute 😛 [Image credit: CBS]

Meanwhile, Hannah is panicking and cramping up on the sidelines. Jeff is legitimately concerned for her, but it seems she’s had this kind of panic attack before. Dr Joe checks her out and says Hannah’s got a little bit too excited during the challenge, WHICH SHE’S NOT EVEN PART OF. This season is all about Survivor firsts! We find out that Hannah is used to having panic attacks due to anxiety… I really hope she can find the inner strength to keep it under wraps, although Ikabula is a winning tribe, so she should be safe from any votes until another swap/merge.

Hannah needs to calm the F down! 😦 [Image credit: CBS]

Vanua tribe. Dessert time. Zeke tells us how dangerous Michelle is in this game, because of the way Figgy called her name out at reward saying how much she loves her. Which was a terrible move on Figgy’s part, she outs herself AND Michelle. But these are millennials we are talking about, they’re running the show! For Zeke, sending Michelle home wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

Ikabula tribe. Hannah explains her panic attacks to Sunday and how she has to learn to cope with her anxiety. I mean, she’s lucky. Who knows, she may pull an Aubry and come back guns-a-blazing later in this game!

Takali tribe. Taylor is struggling with his secret romance with Figgy. He admits they are a power couple, who have Adam on their side… Uh oh. Figgy is scared of ‘coming out’. For days they’ve been wanting to keep it a secret, but seriously EVERYONE knows, so why continue to lie. Figgy ends up telling Lawyer Lewis who just laughs because she’s not shocked at all, and Ken starts mocking the two snuggling each night in front of the tribe. Figgy is shocked that they all knew. FAYLOR = Dumb, young and in love… For now (awkward).

Great to see the Jessica’s having a laugh! [Image credit: CBS]


Knock giant bags off a post and bring them back to beach. Open the bags up to retrieve balls, and designate two people to maneuver balls through a table maze. Adam, Sunday and Will sit out.

Takali take the early lead. I also didn’t realise to do the table maze you have to stand on the smallest post ever! You can straightaway see Michaela and Hannah are going to work well together… Yikes, poor Hannah! Michaela is ON POINT in this challenge though. The two Jess’s finally get their first ball in after a few attempts. With Michaela controlling Hannah’s every move, Ikabula win immunity. Michaela is fierce! Do what she says otherwise she WILL yell at you. BUT Michaela is now trying to help Zeke and Michelle, who only need one more ball to place, and so do Figgy and Lawyer Lewis. Close race for the win… Zeke and Michelle make another come back and win second immunity for Vanua.

Figgy is offended that Michaela helped Vanua, and the challenge beast tells her Takali need to sort themselves out. If they can’t keep their 3v2 millennial swing then they don’t deserve to be there. WOAH. MICHAELA HAS SPOKEN!

Takali tribe. Adam confesses he’s been playing double agent with both millennials and Gen-Xers and he’s in a tough position. Figgy discusses with Adam that they need to vote out Ken next, which is ridiculous because it’s too early to get rid of him, he’s easily the best person in tribe challenges. Lawyer Lewis takes Adam aside and asks where his heart lies in regards to voting. He tells Lewis that Faylor are voting for Ken. Ken approaches Adam and lets him know that he and Lewis are voting for Figgy. Adam is worried about voting with people he doesn’t really know, but can he really trust Figgy and Taylor?! They were never in alliance to begin with… Take out the ‘power couple’ I say. I don’t think it will hurt him in the long run. Sure, Michaela will be pissed a millennial will be voted out, but I’m pretty sure Adam will still have her and Zeke on his side come merge. Also, I am selfish and love Ken and Pinkeye, so am thrilled for Adam to align with them!


Taylor lets Jeff know that the millennials are sticking together in this vote. Figgy says she has forgiven Adam for voting for her in the first tribal council, and awkwardly grabs his head while saying it. Poor Adam…


Jeff asks Taylor if he and Figgy are in love… Taylor denies it, but Jeff calls it young love. Is Jeff about to marry his first couple ON Survivor?!?!  It’s a Survivor first, Figgy was really going to say YES. Can you imagine?! A LIVE wedding at tribal council! The two groups feel like it’s a tug of war for Adam, and the young lad admits he is voting for someone he genuinely likes tonight and he will upset people after this vote. Figgy’s smile slowly disappears. Figgy wishes Taylor luck and leaves tribal council sobbing. Aww, I just wanna give her a hug.  Figgy-3, Ken-2.

No more Gettin’ Figgy Wit It for Taylor. [Image credit: CBS]

“NEXT TIME ON… SURVIVOR”: Taylor is mourning the loss of his island girlfriend, meanwhile at Vanua a new NERD POWER alliance is forming between Zeke and David. My geek meter is running on high!!




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It was only a matter of time before we saw our first showmance in several seasons broken up. For me, losing Figgy is no biggy, guess there’ll be no more Taylor getting jiggy!

Honestly, this might be the chance for him to reassess his game, and play a bit smarter. But then again, considering it’s Taylor we’re talking about… maybe not.

Ultimately it was all about the Takali and Ikabula tribes this week, with Vanua taking a back seat after last week’s CeCe vote out. Jay’s been going from strength to strength – I’m a fan boy – like many others. He’s got John Misch’s goofiness, with a real drive to play the game, and great social connections. Oh and he found the idol. A pretty good week for Jay to say the least.

It’s hard to know where Bret and Sunday stand in the picture, and along with Will they have to be the most invisible contestants this season so far – which by this point makes me think at least 2 of them are going to make it pretty deep into the game.

There’s just so much to love about Michaela. Despite boss-dogging Hannah at the immunity challenge, you have to respect her sass from the results she’s been getting and for ‘telling it how it is.’ Also interesting she was fearless about helping the Vanua tribe in how to effectively play the table maze. It’s so great to see an Alpha female playing that’s being applauded for her assertiveness and confidence. Plus… Her confessionals = Heart.

Definitely the right move for Adam voting out the Fig. In Survivor it really comes down to who you want to move forward with in the game. He obviously felt like he could go further with Jessica and Ken, both somewhat on the outs with their fellow Gen-Xers, than with Figgy and Taylor who were more loyal to each other than anyone else. I can smell the chance of a merge next week, and this is sure to turn the game on its head. David, Jay and Adam all in good stead with idols. Bring it ON!