Day 21-23

Post tribal. Jay’s big ass move voting out Michaela has shocked no one, but Hannah! Hannah tells the boys that she would have voted with them and is not happy that she wasn’t kept in the loop. She feels like a pathetic fool, Jay! A FOOL! But have no fear because this oddball gal is ready to play! I don’t blame Jay for not telling Hannah, she’s unpredictable and they didn’t need her vote to get Michaela out. At the same time, he thinks he has Hannah on side; not sure what his thought process is there!


Jay, you snake!! [Image credit: CBS]

A boat comes by Ikabula to deliver the message that THEY ARE ABOUT TO MERGE! And they have 5 minutes to collect their shit. This has to be a first in Survivor history where three tribes have merged into one. Again, this season is just full of Survivor firsts! Bret is excited and can’t wait to see where Chris’ head is at. Gen X bros are gonna kickass!!


At Takali, Adam is looking forward to seeing where his other millennials are at, as they head to Vanua beach. Vanua are lazing about and suddenly see the two speed boats with the other tribe members. They wave to the others from the beach and I can’t help notice the most awkward jumping motion from Zeke!



The merged tribe, Vinaka (thank you in Fiji), enjoy a feast fit for a king. And Jay proclaims himself as the new King Pin! Don’t speak too soon, buddy! Jay thinks he’s got Bret, Sunday and Hannah. On the other side of the fence, King Hammons is happy with his alliance with David and Zeke, and also wants to regroup with Bret and Sunday. Our fave Zeke goes for a walk with Hannah and Adam, where Hannah lets them know that Jay constructed the Michaela vote. Zeke is wary about all the dudes drawn into Jay, and does not like a potential bro-alliance. I absolutely adore Zeke and really hope he can keep this “misfits” alliance with Hannah and Adam going, along with his Gen X alliance of Chris and David! Also, if anyone hasn’t watch it, check out the Secret Scene with Hannah and Ken. It is beautiful and geekily adorable to watch: Survivor – Secret Scene Ken & Hannah Bond.


Now this is a Tri-Force I’d love! [Image credit: CBS]

Looks like Adam is looking for another idol! Adam knows the Vanua camp well seeing as he’d already found on hidden idol. He ends up at tree mail and low and behold finds an “advantage” to steal a reward after it has been won by someone else. And I say “advantage” because this can be potentially dangerous. It seems to be a disadvantage if anything. To take away someone’s reward, whether it be food, or even a family visit would be more detrimental than anything! I don’t think you could play it and get away with ANYONE thinking you’re an asshole. Play it wisely, Adam!


Adam seems to be happy about his “advantage”. [Image credit: CBS]

Late at night, Taylor gets cheeky and not-so-sneaky by putting away his own food stash; he didn’t learn anything from Julie McGee?! Hello, trail mix gate! Although, I highly doubt he would know what I’m talking about. Anyway, Bret can see and hear ya, mate! Adam notices what Taylor’s up to and joins him for a bro-out… and to eat his stash. Adam tries to tell Taylor that Will is Jay’s wing-man. Then Adam makes a huge rookie mistake… He tells Taylor about his advantage. OK sure, telling someone about your idol/advantage can be a good strategic move, but only if that person is your true alliance or completely on the outs and actually LIKES YOU. Taylor has made it very clear he is still not happy with Adam voting Figgy out, so why Adam, why are you still trying to work with guy?! Do you want to be part of the cool dudes group? I hope not!

Taylor runs off with his mason jar baby. [Image credit: CBS]

Morning time, and I’m now starting to think ‘shit, we have not seen any of Michelle yet!’ Ken and Bret know the young boys have been into the food stash. The Gen Xers get together and throw around Taylor’s name to vote out next as they don’t trust the millennial boys.

Taylor tells Jay that Adam wants Will out, and Jay is bum-puzzled! Thanks to the other Jay (Byars) for that one. Tay wants to blindside Adam’s ass, and Zeke over hears it all! Zeke still wants the misfit alliance to happen and can’t let Adam be voted out. Taylor then tells young Will the truth and he now thinks Adam is a rat!

BROS don’t get away with anything playing Zekevivor! [Image credit: CBS]


Balance on a narrow perch with both hands tethered to a bucket above you. Move and drop your bucket, you’re out. I’m sure all the girls love that they have to show both their armpits off to the world in this challenge!


This is the first time they’ve had both arms up in this challenge and it feels like it will end pretty quickly. Boy was I wrong! Gen X Jess, aka Lawyer Lewis, aka PINKEYE blows me away with her gutsy effort! Jess is the last of the few women standing and it’s her against Will. C’mon girl, do it for all the pink eye sufferers! 90 minutes pass and in one slight movement, Jess’ bucket drops and Will wins first individual immunity. SO PROUD OF YOU LEWIS! Adam’s lone plan to get Will out is now ruined…

  Well done, Will! [Image credit: CBS]

Vinaka beach. Jay tells Michelle, Hannah and Will to vote out Adam. Michelle doesn’t like this idea, nor sees it as a strategic. We also have to remember that this girl likes being in control as well, but alas, Michelle just goes with the flow of the boys decisions. She doesn’t seem to be in a weak position, so why pipe up when you ‘know’ it’s either Adam or one of your bros being targeted, right?!


Welcome Michelle to Episode 8! #ImWithHer [Image credit: CBS]

Zeke approaches Adam advising him that he’s being targeted by the BROS. Zeke’s plan is get his millennial and Gen X friends to vote out Taylor, so his misfit gang approach the Gen X men, David, Chris and Ken to see where their heads are at. David is doubting his trust in Adam and thinks Michelle should be the next target, but Ken wants Taylor out. Adam just doesn’t trust the Gen Xers and goes into panic mode. His plan B is AGAIN with Taylor, why does he still want to work with this guy?!

Hannah takes Adam aside to comfort him. Who knew Hannah would be the one to try and save him; best scene by Hannah so far! Adam is over playing his cards way too much right now and needs to chill the F out! You know you’re in the shit when the girl with panic attacks is the one trying to calm you down…

Hannah assures Adam he’s safe. [Image credit: CBS]


Taylor admits to ‘stealing’ the food and seems to be pretty Gung Ho about it all. He’s not the only one who is hungry. Hannah wants to eat Probst…

Get in line, biatch! [Image credit: CBS]

Chris says it was just a selfish move by Taylor, but the snowboarder said it was a medical emergency. Zeke said this kind of move can send you home later on in the game. Adam brings up that new relationships during the swaps make you question your old alliances. Michelle brings up voting with people you mesh well with and she seems pretty comfortable in her position, where as Adam is nervous as hell! And in a complete blindside, for me anyway, Michelle becomes the first member of the jury. There weren’t really any clear signs of her going home this episode. Such a shame, she should have stuck to her guns and taken more control of the vote; what were those boys thinking?! Michelle-9, Adam-4.

Watch Michelle’s “Ponderosa” here

“NEXT TIME ON… SURVIVOR”: Taylor plans to ruin Adam’s game further by telling his boy Jay about the disadvantage.




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“When Three Become One”

Time for the merge baby, and this time, three tribes end up on one beach, via two boats, and we have 13 people all wondering where they stand! Oh the excitement!

But despite the large number at the merge, it definitely felt like it was just going to end up with the old alliances getting back together. Because David had mended fences with Chris, and Ken is now cosy with my fave girl Jess, it felt like Gen X were always going to be a strong unit come the merge. And that’s what proved to happen.

It wasn’t quite so straightforward with the millennials however. After Jay’s move last week completely blindsided Hannah, it made sense that she would jump ship with Adam and Zeke (also on the outs with the tri-force) and work with the Gen X’s. The fact that it was Michelle voted out was really incidental due to having the least chance of holding an idol – or have one played for her.

The whole story with Adam and Tayls was a little bit of a diversion to make us think Adam was in more danger than he really was. Sure, he’s now lost the trust of Will and Jay by gunning for them, but to be honest, he never really had their trust and was never really with them since the Mari vote out.

He does, however need to play it a bit slower and more steadily moving forward. And while trying to get Taylor on side was perhaps a well-intentioned move, but definitely not a good one.  Also, I don’t really think Tay Tay (who has become more insufferable than ever of late) exposing Adam’s advantage will have much bearing on his chances in the game. Honestly it’s not that much of an advantage anyway.

It might feel set it stone now, but moving forward there’s plenty of ways it could break. With such a mega alliance, it’s probably not going to be as simple as Will, Taylor and Jay going next (not necessarily in that order.) And lets not forget there’s still three idols in play. Precious little mementos to shake things up baby!