I personally think this show is great and it’s a new concept in Reality TV, for me anyway! An inner city version of (the majorly rigged CW show), Capture! Everyone go check it out: Hunted Episode 1


9 pairs of Fugitives are on the run, aiming to evade capture for 28 days. They must stick within a 100,000 square mile radius, in this case the area spans over Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

Hunted Fugitives.jpg

Team Fugitives [Image credit: CBS]

32 Investigators at Hunted Headquarters (or Command Centre) are employed to track the Fugitives down using all their fancy hi-tech investigative skills. They also deploy and instruct teams of “Hunters”, travelling in pairs to hit the road and catch the Fugitives.


Team Intel and Hunters [Image credit: CBS]


$250,000 (USD) and bragging rights of being a successful fugitive.


Each Fugitive team are given a 48 hour window in which they will be told their time on the run has begun. Once told, they are given a 1 hour head start before the Investigators and Hunters can track them down. Fugitives are also given a credit card to withdraw money, but only $100 at a time.


I have not watched Hunted UK so didn’t know too much about the show going in. I thought each Fugitive team would have a set of Hunters chasing them, but learned quickly that it’s ALL IN with Intelligence and they are just chasing whoever they can catch! We see Robert Commander Clark boast about his 30 years of chasing fugitives; this guy means serious business!! British investigator Ben Owen was on the UK version of Hunted and he could easily be cast in a future SPY Movie, or a sequel to Johnny English with Rohan Atkinson! No?


TEAM 1: DAVID AND EMILEY – Dating Couple

Dave EMiley.png

Wanted: Max Dawson. [Image credit: CBS]

Dave and his lady Emiley live in Georgia. Dave has apparently been arrested 13 times in his criminal past and now is a criminal defense attorney. So he is an ex-criminal helping criminals in the courtroom… interesting! Team Foxtrot are deployed to follow Dave and Emiley and I already have a crush on Cortice Miles; I think he said about five words the whole episode. Also, who doesn’t love the name Team Foxtrot?! I didn’t think I would root for the Hunters, but I may in this case.

Dave and Emiley are picked up by a friend to escape the city and takes them to an ATM. Dave does not look casual at all, if anything he looks dodgier with his hoodie on. But let’s be honest, he probably should’ve shaved his shady beard off for this show. Just after Dave phones a friend they get hit by a car in front of them… what the heck?! Is this for real? Surely that was set up?! They make it to Brian’s (or is it Brad?!) place 35 miles out and everything seems to be fine and dandy… for now.

Team Foxtrot arrive at Emiley’s apartment (also the extra E in her name is driving me, and autocorrect, nuts!), and find all her electronics and a calendar with the current month ripped out. But alas she has left pen imprints to the whole month’s itinerary behind. Girl should’ve just burnt the whole damn thing! Wait until Dave hears about this… Foxtrot head to the calendar address and start zipping up and down the road, making Dave and Emiley hella paranoid.

Day 4 and Dave hasn’t moved from his spot against the wall. He just can’t figure out how the Hunters caught on to their whereabouts. Does anyone know if Emiley and Dave are still together?

His mate Brian/Brad is now kicking them out of the house. Surely they have been there for at least 3 days now; I’d be sick of them too. And I can’t believe what I’m seeing but the couple get into Brian/Brad’s car boot. SO ILLEGAL! This doesn’t deter Foxtrot to deem his speedy car suspicious… I think they’ll be caught pretty soon!


While I do appreciate the effort they put into planning their Fugitive getaway, Emiley is definitely the weak link in this team and her leaving the calendar behind was just careless. I honestly don’t seem them lasting 28 days, but would love to see them prove me wrong! They would have to ditch their marked plans though!

TEAM 2: ANGELA AND MICHELE – Childhood Friends

Angela Michele.png

#OITNB. [Image credit: CBS]

I must admit when Angela started driving off in her own car I was getting nervous, but was so glad to see her ditch it after dropping her daughter off. The emotions about leaving Lauren behind though, c’mon it’s a race to get away, chop, chop love! And where the EFF is Michele?! Rolling in on a massive truck driven by her sister, that’s where! We also meet one of the Intelligence Officer’s, Myke. Yes, Myke. This is no spelling mistake. Speaking of Intelligence, back at headquarters they find the truck links in Michele’s family; these guys are quick!

The ladies rock up at a campsite, which is the best thing we’ve seen yet! The next morning Ange and Mish borrow a campers phone (winner) to call their friend Tony. After freaking out for a good 10 minutes about a random car on the road side, who were clearly not Hunters, Tony rocks up in a blue pick-up and drives the gals away.


So far, so good. Staying at a camp site away from any technology and CCTVs and borrowing random phones was a plus. However, they did not withdraw any money to give any location away, so when they do we will have a better perception of how they’re doing when under pressure.



Smexy Mugs. [Image credit: CBS]

Were these two out FOR a run when told they were now ON the run?! Intel find out straightaway that Matt is a whopping 6’8” and model Christina is 5’11” and immediately think these two won’t be able to stay in hiding for long. The couple getaway in their own car and find it hard to make it to their Atlanta destination on time. They find a random to borrow his phone. I’m surprised the first people they want to call are their parents. Surely you would steer clear from anyone in your direct family? You would think they’d know more people in the area. Their planning gets worse when they ditch their car in Augusta and decide to catch public transport. I’ll give them ONE positive; their costume change. The wigs and clothing choices were great, I mean, look at Matt!


The dopey skater (probably on drugs) and androgynous chic look. [Image credit: CBS]

From here on it just goes downhill for the model pair. They make the ridiculous decision to use the ATM at the bus station. When Christina mentions withdrawing cash I am absolutely shocked. Knowing there’s cameras around revealing their location AND in their new costumes?! Disastrous. And it was. Intel called them stupid and the Hunters easily retrieved their bus destination from the cashier; you just can’t trust anyone.

Intel set up both Team Golf and Foxtrot at the exits at the Atlanta bus terminal, making it way too easy. The couple run off the bus frantically making themselves look worse. And game over by Foxtrot. #TeamCortice


Matt and Christina – Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Their planning wasn’t great that’s for sure. They had no contacts available, and they made poor decisions. BUT I will give them points for their costume change. They were better off staying in their original gear while using the ATM, then ditching the bus for another transport option in costume. Better luck next time, guys!