How lucky are we, 2 episodes in one week! With tonight’s being a double does this mean we will have two teams being captured this episode?  Find out! Watch Hunted Episode 2 Here

Just in case you forgot…


9 pairs of Fugitives are on the run, aiming to evade capture for 28 days. They must stick within a 100,000 square mile radius.

32 Investigators at Hunted Headquarters (or Command Centre) are employed to track the Fugitives down using all their fancy hi-tech investigative skills. They also deploy and instruct teams of ‘Hunters’, travelling in pairs to hit the road and catch the Fugitives.


The Command Centre and Hunters [Image credit: CBS]


$250,000 (USD) and bragging rights of being a successful fugitive.


TEAM 1: DAVID AND EMILEY – Dating Couple. STATUS: On the run.
– Childhood Friends. STATUS: On the run.
– Engaged Couple. STATUS: Captured.


TEAM 1: DAVID AND EMILEY – Dating Couple


We last saw the couple in the trunk of Brad’s car. And my man Foxtrot Cortice lets them get away! The edit made us believe Dave and Emiley would be caught soon, but they end up at their mate Lamar’s house; lucky buggers! DEmily – 1, Foxtrot – 0.

Intel find out the couples next step is to rent a car in South Carolina and they find out a car was rented out by one of Dave’s accomplices, AND that they can track the car using its GPS.

Team Alpha are given Dave and Emiley’s truck coordinates and they are hot on their tail. This is going to end very, very quickly. Griff is hungry for a catch! And just like that, we find out Dave’s trick; the car rental Intel found was a diversion to throw off the Hunters. Well played, Dave!!

Intel are furious with Dave’s games; really, it’s pure genius. The cyber analysts then show us how easy it is to hack into someone’s social media and private files. Scary!

Dave and Emiley end up lost in woop-woop and his lady Em calls mama on a burner phone. They eventually make it to their location, which is on the calendar, thanks guys. team Alpha head south to Alabama and interrogate Emiley’s parents. Old Griff picks up on Emiley’s moms cues and knows she’s been in contact. For SURE you would keep any direct/close family out of this, they are making it too easy.

Dave is getting hella paranoid knowing the Hunters cars are close by so they ditch all plans and hike through the woods to their next pick up point. They make it to their mate’s car and head out of town.


These guys have nine lives! Every time I think they will get caught they seem to get away with it. They now have to be extremely careful where they head to next. I think they need to get out of Alabama, away from all the friends and family, you never know who the Hunters will target next.

TEAM 2: ANGELA AND MICHELE – Childhood Friends


We last saw the friends leaving the camp site with Tony.

Ange and Mish again use a randoms phone to call a friend to get to their friend Robin’s place.

Connie Min, the Command Centre’s Asian cutie, along with Myke (whyyyy the Y) works on tracing the ladies’ phones, and family. Yikes! Interrogation imminent. Team Echo head over to Ange’s friends place who is looking after her daughter, and they let her in! It was awkward, the poor girl. Hunter Alli does really well and gets her to spill the beans on her mom’s friend Robin. Nooo!!

Team Echo are spying Robin’s place and ask the neighbours to let them know if they see Ange and Mish. The girls meet with Robin and she’s going to bring them back to her place. NOO!

The Hunters’ cam catch Ange and Mish at Robin’s house and Echo are on their way. Before they can get there, the girls run off to Keke’s salon. Bend and snap, ladies! Intel intercept Robin’s phone though and hear the WHOLE conversation to Keke. Echo are now outside the salon and it looks like they are going to have their first capture.

Mish has an uncomfortable feeling and wants to get out of there. Keke does a pretty poor scope of the area and gives them the all clear; the girls make a run for it. Echo blocks their car in and it’s GAME OVER.


I actually feel bad for these ladies as they (the show) allowed the daughter to speak to the Hunters. In reality, pretty sure Angela’s friend would have shut the door and told them to EFF off. Otherwise I feel Ange and Mish were on the right track with their plans. If it wasn’t for the daughter revealing Robin’s identity they definitely would’ve lasted much longer.


Lee Hilmar.png

My pre-season favourites, The Lost Wolves, flee from Hilmar’s home in Atlanta. Lee just happens to be visiting from Tennessee, how convenient! These guys are the real deal. Lee is an escape room owner, making this the greatest test that he could possibly take; escape from the law. While Intel worry about Lee’s escapee skills, the guys work on wiping their technology.

Hunters Buck and Griff (awesome names), Team Alpha, head over to Hilmar’s apartment to strip search the joint! The guys find a sneaky ass note (VERY Escape Room, nice touch guys) left by the Wolves and they are PISSED OFF.

At a friends place Lee creates a fake email account, sending letters to everyone to use the account (all emails in draft mode, clever bastards) to throw off Intel. Wow, risky move! If it doesn’t work they are screwed. I guess go big or go home, right?!

The boys check their secret email and EVERYONE has followed their instructions. Amazing! And then, the unthinkable happens, Intel receive pictures of all the Wolves’ letters from US Postal Services. Who knew they scanned all our snail mail? Freakin’ rude I tell you. After one of Griff’s interrogation phone calls with a letter recipient, the wolves are told and find out all their contacts are now void of all plans. Time for Plan Z!


These guys are smart. They’ve carefully thought through all their plans (except for the mail thing) to a tee. Though their original plans are now out the window I’m sure they’ll be able to come up with new strategies of getting around and I look forward to see what they come up with next! Not giving up…

TEAM 5: TROY AND CHELE – Married Couple

Troy Chele.png

Camo, camo, camo! Who else is loving the silent F in Pfost?! The couple flee home in their truck and head to their Airsoft (see GUN) store. They call Uncle Petey from the shop and he gets there quick smart.

Intel send Team Bravo (Jermaine and Chad – must admit out of all the Hunters so far, they scare me the most) to the gun store and ask the employees some questions. They find out the couple are the outdoorsy type and figure to hit the closest camp sites.

T-Chele play it Survivor style and set up camp in the woods. Love it. These guys look like they’re having a ball! But look out, Bravo are close by and start asking other campers. The couple head deeper into the woods, and off path. The Hunters are looking a little bamboozled.

The next time we see T-Chele it’s Day 15 and they’re rowing down the river; WOW. It’s like Naked and Afraid, but with clothes and everything! It is driving Intel absolutely crazy that they start to play dirty posting Wanted posters online; brutal. T-Chele end up at a public park and find someone to use their phone. The random creepy dude asks them if they’ve ever see Deliverance; WEIRD. And WHY did they have to use loud speaker? Their friend tells them about the Wanted Poster on their Facebook page and the randoms suddenly think T-Chele are crazed killers.

Chele’s friend, Amanda, eventually arrives 2 hours later and brings them back to her place. After rifling through T-Chele’s Facebook and the comments, Intel start targetting Amanda… Damn. Bravo end up at Amanda’s gate and she starts freaking out. At the same time T-Chele escape out the back, to unfortunately open land.

Bravo drive round the back of the property and BAM, they find Ian (Amanda’s hubby) on his ATV. Good one, Ian!! Bravo search the area and find T-Chele hiding in the bushes. DEVO.


18 days on the run, well done guys! T-Chele did everything right for the first 15 days. Staying in the woods, away from technology and people. And interacting with their friends was the thing that hurt them most. I really thought these 2 would be the first to make 28 days.


Aarif Immad.png

The sole American Muslim team on the show start off by wiping their technology and their poor cat can’t wait for them to leave. Their friend of a friend Meadow picks them up and helps them on their run. NO social media at all. Perfect.

Intel jump straight on to their social media, and of course they get the ethnic chick on their case. Zaira finds out the boys are running during Ramadan and they may be attending mosque at sunset each night. Good pick up!

We learn the boys are using encrypted apps to hide their locations – will the experts at Intel be able to crack their scam? They end up at Meadow’s faraway friend’s farm to stay in her barn. These boys are doing well so far…

Cyber Analyst, Charles, finds Aarif’s “deleted” texts and I take back everything I just said above… The boys find out that Meadow was followed, and they need to get out of there, NOW!


Unfortunately these boys stick out like a sore thumb, I think they need some wigs and costumes (see Matt and Christina).


Now that Intel have all their contacts, I don’t see these boys lasting very long. We know the lengths Hunters will go to track them down so it’s just a matter of time before Aarif and Immad are caught. Sorry guys!

I do wonder, are the teams allowed to split up? Or must they be together at all times? Say, going to two different ATMs at the same time and throwing the Hunters off a little. Or using two different burners phones in different areas and dumping them. Hmm…


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Hunters Status.JPG