Does Survivor just keep the entertainment juices flowing or what?! Another ripper episode and as I’m on holidays/vacay for the next few weeks I’ll be giving my thoughts on the key moments instead of doing a full recap. Also, Julian will be joining me for the next few episodes with his honest opinions. Let’s go!!


And she does it again. Sandra’s created a new phrase for herself and has said it every tribal council attended this season “The queen stays queen; adios!”. At first I thought she was being extremely arrogant and egotistical, and even so, Sandra has every right to be so far. Considered as many people’s first boot’s she has been able to strategise and socialise her way through the Survivor hierarchy on both tribes now unscathed. Sandra has not received one single vote as yet and it is baffling to me how she’s managed to do so. Many viewers out there have called the contestants ‘dumb’, not giving any credit to the two-time winner, it’s sad that Sandra doesn’t receive credit where it’s due. I am however unsure how much longer she can last though. She may have Varner and Michaela on side for now, but now with a merge coming up surely her days are numbered? How long before they realise Sandra is a real threat for the million? Only time will tell.

Also, the whole sugar saga was reminiscent of that to her fish stint in Pearl Islands and the hat burn in HvV; pure sabotage genius!! Here’s hoping Sandra makes it all the way!


Oh no she didn’t!


I mean, we all knew Debbie was a wildcard, but what on earth happened this week?! Debbie was a ball of emotions and went off at anyone and anything in her way. Firstly, at the reward challenge she put herself up for the balance beam and completely ballsed that up, but then went off at Brad for dictating the tribe members to what they should be doing. They even had a flashback of Debbie putting herself forward in the challenge (Survivor first!). Then she had a full on go at Hali being slow on the beam, which we totally didn’t see, which made it even more confusing. Back at Mana beach she threw a tantrum, but in her confessional said she doesn’t get pissed after saying she was, shows off her ‘8’-pack, and it was pure craziness. I do wonder if they are just not showing Brad’s douche side this season? They are giving him such a wonderful edit. Is Debbie telling the truth? Does Brad make it to the end hence why he’s being painted as an angel this time around? It just doesn’t really make sense. But ol’ Deb for sure needs to take a chill pill!

One thing’s for sure, I absolutely loved Debbie reiterating the fact to Brad that she was the first one over the wall, and her complaints that she was not chosen for the balance beam as she’s a gun gymnast. LOLs!


Yes Debbie…


How can we ever forget this Survivor moment?


Definitely one of the best we’ve seen yet, and probably this season so far! The shade, the sass! Michaela doesn’t tread lightly and she’s giving it her all like she showed us last season. The girl did not like JT and vice versa. Unfortunately we didn’t get to really see why JT didn’t like her much and it was all hearsay in the end. Apparently Miss Bradshaw didn’t do much around camp, and maybe she didn’t, but she had the other sass-meister on side with Sandra so it truly didn’t matter. The sugar-napping was pure genius by Sandra and causing the rift to heighten between Michaela and JT was the icing on the cake. It’s hard to tell how far Michaela will go as she’s already ruffled feathers with both JT and Aubry now. Let’s just hope she at least makes the jury, imagine more of this each tribal?


Also, I wouldn’t be opposed to this duo making it to the end!




After days struggling on the his new Nuku tribe, JT yet again screwed up and met his demise. You could say he makes risky, yet amazing moves, but only if they worked! And so far his success rate hasn’t been great. From giving Russell the idol in HvV, to sharing info with his mate Culpepper… It hasn’t got any better. It does make me wonder if Fishbach really was the pivotal factor in his Tocantins win. Socially he’s a great, but his strategic and calculative moves have not and I think this season is the nail in the coffin for any chance of another return. I’ve read people’s comments saying “By telling Brad about Sierra, he was only trying to get out Sandra and it would’ve been amazing if it worked”. Key word, IF. JT’s plans don’t work and this one voted out his closest ally in Malcolm. And unfortunately for him, Sandra caught on to his lies and he fell victim to the queen.

Also, what was JT thinking not bringing his idol to tribal? Talk about being overconfident. Sheesh! Sorry JT, it was your time to go. JT-3, Michaela-2.

NEXT TIME ON…SURVIVOR: Who gets sent to Exile Island? And which former castaway returns? SAY WHAAT?!



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What a tragic showing from JT this week! How can you know you are on the outs, take the time to find an idol, and yet still not think its worth bringing your idol to Tribal? Some could attribute it to Sandra’s skill at making JT feel comfortable, and while I do think she played extremely well this episode, JT really has proved he’s not all that adept at the strategic Survivor game. The blame really should all be on JT because in Survivor you should never get too comfortable, and especially in a tribe of five.

For right or wrong, his last two appearances on the show he was trying too hard to ‘make things happen’ and the disastrous results makes you reflect on his ‘perfect win’ in Tocantins. I’m sure I’m not alone in the belief that his last two blunder filled appearances on the show definitely does detract from the quality of his win in season 18. Anyway enough about JT – he wasn’t even a particular enjoyable character to watch this season when you compare him to the likes of Michaela and Sandra. Speaking of Mika, even if she was playing up to the camera, sipping her drink as the votes were read was comedy gold. Someone needs to make a meme of that immediately! Bye Felicia!

Speaking of playing things up to the camera, I can’t quite tell how seriously to take Debbie. She burst out laughing about how Brad ‘crushed her heart’ and then was rooting for him to win in the challenge so I can’t quite tell the level of her rage. I definitely do believe she was pissed and her ego bruised and part of that seems to be bitterness at being on the bottom of her tribe. If I was Brad though, I’d want to have thrown that challenge to vote her. I can totally see her wrath coming back to bite Brad later in the game in a very Abi Maria way.

At this stage in the game, I feel like Troyzan is in a very good position with Sarah on his side, an idol no one knows about and an impending tribe swap. How far can Sandra go is my question? Loving her alliance with Varner and Michaela, but as tribes are switched again this little trio may not last. Still very impressed with the way Brad and Hali are playing. The game is very wide open.

By Lynda Olson.