As everyone knows by now, for the first time ever, this season consists of 22 strangers paired up to make 11 teams to race around the word. I’m catching up on the first 3 episodes in a binge and and to be honest I’m so confused at who’s who. Normally it’s easy to get to know the teams when they come in a pair, but no, they’re just making it hard for my brain to learn everyone’s names. In this catch up recap, I’ll pretty much focus on the top teams and eliminated teams.


Overall I think most of the teams were appropriately picked, bar a couple of course. And unsurprisingly all the men, except for Matt, chose a woman to partner up with. It brings balance. After all the police/army/lawyers are introduced, we come to the kooky characters. Becca who has a fun-o-meter badge, Liz the auctioneer, Vanck the Wall Street analyst, yes!! I also like Olive the firefighter. Gotta love a badass chick.

After the contestants pick their teams it’s hilarious that the Jessie the Police Officer and Francesca the Drill Sargeant (#SwoleSisters) get paired up by default. They already had feisty words earlier! And WOW, they get a ride to the airport with Phil, what a win.

#TeamFun (Becca & Floyd) are automatically on my favourites list and I’m only 10 minutes in.

I spit out my drink in this next scene. Thank you, Jenn!! This team is totally rad.


That cabbie’s reaction though. LOL

We’re in Panama and does anyone else think London and Logan (#TeamLolo, I’m learning) are annoying AF already? And while I love the name #TeamWillAndGrace, very fitting, I’m not sure if these two will mesh as well as I thought. They’re already butting heads too. Anyway, pretty much all the teams are lost as hell… thank God I have Google Maps these days!

Seth and Olive are one of the strongest teams on paper and are killing it and make it to the DETOUR first: Shoot or Scoot.

For those doing Scoot, you know you’re not going to beat the rowing pros, so why not just take it easy the first 1-2 attempts and then really go for it in the 3rd when you get a mega head start. Seth and Olive were just tiring themselves out going hard in the first attempt.

Side note, pretty sure Vanck is the only one that’s happy that Ashton is on his team… What a match!

Team #1 goes to Seth and Olive and they are the team to beat right now. Team #2 is Team Fun and they really are just full of positivity; I can’t wait to see more of them.

And the last team to arrive at the mat are… Liz and Mike. BUT, Kevin and Jenn couldn’t complete the Detour and incurred a 2 hour penalty. So they end up being eliminated. No biggie after losing these two. At least Jenn gave us a laugh!


#TeamHair: Look at those manes!!


Teams are headed to Sao Paolo, Brazil! Shamir doesn’t get on the flight he wants and shows his temper. Maybe it’s a good thing he’s paired up with Sara who’s cool, calm and collected.

Matt and Redmond (#TheBoys) decide not to ‘wait’ for Vanck and Ashton so they can travel to the Helipad together. Umm, it’s a race. DEAL!

DETOUR: Keep a beat OR Work your feet. Matt and Redmond get started on the makeshift gym and I reckon these guys are one to watch. Such a dynamic duo and the only all male team. They seem to complement each other very well!

And I think I spoke too soon, Vanck and Ashton are suddenly in 1st place after the Detour. Anything can happen in this race…

At Keep a Beat, Floyd looks like he’s been playing in this Samba band for 20 years!! You go, boy.



ROADBLOCK: Ashton takes on the repel and squeegee challenge. Scott, who seems deathly afraid of heights, mans up and takes on the Roadblock as Brooke was ‘injured’ at the last Detour; did I completely miss this?! Also, Brooke does need to hush sometimes, she reminds me of Jillian McLaughlin from Amazing Race Canada, but definitely not as loud. She just has a lot of feelings!! Don’t bitch, guys.

Umm, then the unthinkable happens; Shamir’s testicles explode and breaks a window. WOW. Are you for serious?! And while Sara is hanging around, she leads the #SwoleSisters away from the bicycle lady… I laugh and cry and the same time.

Team #1: Liz and Mike finish the Roadblock first and make their way to the Pit Stop. To go from last place to first is AMAZING. They win a trip to Barbados! Do they have to share a room?? Well done guys! Team #2: Vanck and Ashton come in second and wow they have surprised me so far, and I bet each other too!

Side note, I’d like to add how well Sara put up with Shamir’s shit at the Detour and on the finish mat. So many women would have slapped the crap out of him, but she kept it together and I hope they work things out for her sake. I’m sorry, but he was acting like a child (even Phil thought so). And Alpha Males do not throw tantrums.


I feel ya, girl!

And the last team to the mat are… Jessie and Francesca. They’re eliminated and I’m so bummed we didn’t get to see more of them. Jessie seems like a hoot! Someone I’d like to have a drink with, haha. They definitely had more to give on this race. Next time, ladies!


That height difference though. Bye #SwoleSisters 😦


Of course the episode starts with Shamir being dramatic, but enough of that. Is it just me or is London related to Ellen DeGeneres. She has to be.

It’s all in the eyes.

Teams are off the Tanzania, Africa! Blind Double U-Turn ahead; ooh! Olive thinks her and Seth will be U-Turned, way to spoil it for us guys! Ashton is set on U-Turning Matt and Redmond, mwahaha. Game’s a game, people!

Scott starts talking about #Keesh and I suddenly feel hungry.

Matt and Redmond somehow skip the line for ferry tickets and piss off the other teams. Bitches. They’re just asking to be U-Turned now!

Tara and Joey get there first and U-Turn Seth and Olive; not surprised, and they were expecting it! Ashton and Vanck U-Turn Matt and Redmond.


U-turned before BOTH Detours… That sucks.

DETOUR: Build it OR Weave it. London’s crotchet history doesn’t seem to help at weaving baskets 😦

Matt and Redmond start bullying and playing mind games with Ashton and Vanck, now who can’t handle the heat?! Don’t be total asshats, guys.

What about the Tanzanian guy tree-dancing?! SKILLZ!


ROADBLOCK: What’s for dinner? It’s grocery shopping time African style! It looks hectic. And with the U-Turn struggles, Seth and Olive are in last place. I really hope they make up some time!

To my amazement Liz and Mike finish the Roadblock first and make their way to the Pit Stop; they are Team #1! They win another holiday and this time to Amsterdam. Lucky ducks. Joey eventually figures out what a Halal chicken is and he and Tara make it to the mat as Team #2. Good work guys!

It’s pretty much a race between Shamir and Sara, and Seth and Olive. Honestly, I don’t want either team to go, but if anyone needs to go it’s Shamir.

Another ‘WTF’ moment at the Pit Stop happens with Becca and Floyd not checking in with their passports and more specifically Floyd’s passport. Shitsticks! I think Becca’s rant on Floyd was a bit much though, she almost pushed him into that wall. They are so fracking lucky their taxi driver Abdul came back… Let’s be honest, he just wanted to be on TV again. Also, what a good man.


Abdul is the MVP of TAR29.

And sadly, the last team to the mat are… Seth and Olive. I am GUTTED. They were too much of a threat to winning this thing. Bloody hell, the teams I like are slowly getting eliminated. Sad faces in this household.


It’ll be interesting to see if Liz and Mike can make it 3 in a row! The race is so unpredictable though, unless you’re the Green Team 😉 I have a feeling someone else will be Team #1 next episode!

Blog by Lynda Olson