Double episodes of Survivor and The Amazing Race, two nights in a row. It’s been a great week to be a reality TV fan!


Last week we saw one of my faves Seth and Olive be eliminated, it just shows you don’t have to be a physically strong team to get ahead in the race. It really is a whole lot of luck, especially when it comes to those damn cabs!

START LOCATION: Zanzibar, Tanzania! Eight teams are left and Mike & Liz leave the mat first and don’t realise they need to head to Freddy Mercury’s house. Ooh lala. They have no idea where they are though and end up at a pile of dusty old bags…


DETOUR: Lock OR Knock. Unlock boxes or knock on doors. Joey and Tara find it first and attempt to knock on the royal doors. Meanwhile Liz and Mike are still looking for TAR clues in the rubble. Vanck and Ashton also choose the royal doors, while #TheBoys, Will & Grace and Ellen & Logan choose to Lock. Vanck wants to Google the doors, while Ashton just wants to GOOO. They are just going to bicker every episode. Eek!

Funnily enough, Mike is the only one who figures the sneaky boxes out and he and Liz head off to the next challenge. Vanck and Ashton are now arguing again about maybe switching Detours, but alas they find a lifesaver local who actually knows where the royal doors are! What did I say before about getting lucky?!

Everyone else at Lock are crying…. until low and behold Brooke figures it out. And then, they can’t open the damn lock, which means they go looking for another key..


Thanks Aubry.

I can’t believe they found another scorpion key, and Scott gives their spare to Becca and Floyd… OMG. This leaves Ellen D and Logan left in the lurch. SO. RUDE.


Scotty is so trusting!

Shamir has been quiet for the most part. It’s best that Sara take the lead to be honest and she tries her damn hardest to keep her cool. I’d ignore him too, girl! They’ve only got one more door to go and Shamir wants to switch Detours. This dude is ropeable. In the end Sara gives in and they go to Lock 😦

Becca and Floyd are so grateful to Brooke and Scott and promise that they owe them one… We’ll see if that happens!

Londons’ reaction to Sara and Shamir not making the ferry.


Oops, I mean…


ROADBLOCK: Heavy metal. Teams need to pound metal to make some awesome ladles.

Vanck shows off his social skills and demands he take on this Roadblock. Sorry, Ashton. Brooke struggles with the metal banging, while the big dudes, and Becca, are smashing through it. Oh Brooke, you were crying when you were already three quarters of the way through cutting your metal! Calm ya farm, love. She goes to Scott for encouragement and gets shit all… ha! Honestly, I do feel sorry for him that he has to put up with all the drama. Brooke then goes to Becca for help and because they helped with the key, Becca accepts. Brooke’s gotta get her mentality checked on this race!


Redmond redeems himself this week.

Team #1 to the Pit Stop are… Joey and Tara! They win $5000 each, pretty cool! Becca and Floyd are Team #2!

Back at the Roadblock, Sara and Shamir finally arrive as Brooke gets to the end of her ladle-making. Scott finally gives her some nice words and they make it to the Pit Stop in 7th place. Shamir is still pounding away when the shop owners start closing up… Then Phil appears 😦 Never a good sign. Sara and Shamir are eliminated from the race.


But the real winner is Sara, who is now dating Logan. How cute are they?!


Image credit: Logan Bauer Instagram.


START LOCATION: Daar Es Salaam, Tanzania! Racers are on their way to Alesund, Norway. Cool as. Literally. Joey and Tara are off to the airport first with Becca and Floyd not far behind, and they plan to use the Express Pass on this leg. Scott stirs up Brooke about him using the Express Pass over her and you just can’t help but laugh. So evil.

All teams land in Norway at the same time… Gone are the days when teams fought for different flights and airlines. Sigh.

Becca and Floyd swallow that salty fish down ASAP. Floyd LOVES it. Brooke is a drama queen again and can’t eat the fish. You’re killing me, Brooke! I want to like you!


No breaths Brooke, just swallow!

Team Fun decide to go for the Fast Forward where they’ll do a 10,000km tandem skydive. Evil Scott is throwing shade all over the place at Brooke and it’s hilarious! They have no map and he wants to drive the speed limit. I totally don’t blame the dude.

ROADBLOCK: Who wants to take part in a hand-stacked bonfire world record? TAR does! Teams need to climb a crazy high stack of wood and snowboarder Matt is totally excited. He shoots up that stack like bloody Spiderman. Ashton makes it to the top and takes her first breather away from Vanck; ahh the serenity.


Who doesn’t love to watch a good stack.

Vanck forgets to bring Ashton’s pack… Seriously?! I think it’s just courtesy that the person NOT part of a Roadblock holds on to the teams belongings, right?!

DETOUR: Trolls OR Troll. Troll for Trolls or Troll for Fish. Holy crap, those lady trolls are actually frightening!! Fishing it is… O_O


A Lady Troll and a giant firework. Phil wants in!

Joey and Tara beat Matt and Redmond to finding the fishing clue, but they have no idea what to do with it!

Becca and Floyd complete their skydiving Fast Forward and I realise Becca has one of the most annoyingly funny laughs!


#NeverForget. #TeamFun.

Ashton and Vanck complete the scary lady Trolls Detour, and I honestly thought they might get penalised for using a car.

Team #1 are… Joey and Tara; another back to back win! They just edge out Matt and Redmond who make Team #2. Team Fun who are on a high are shocked to find out they’re in third spot. But what an experience, they’re not too bummed out!

Mike and Liz decide to drive to the Pit Stop and Mike ends up hitting some van. They end up taking an elevator to God knows where. Hopefully the top of the hill! Which it doesn’t. Mike gets real pissy with Liz, but ya know it was his choice to drive… They’re the last team to arrive, but fortunately it’s not an elimination leg and they’re given their next clue. They get into a fight at the Pit Stop; classy. Careful Mike, you don’t want to take Shamir’s spot for being the biggest man-whinger in the race.


Now, now children. Save the drama for TV on the next leg!

Blog by Lynda Olson