This week we said goodbye to the kooky queen of Survivor; who am I going to post GIFs of now?! Julian Groneberg gives us his hot take of the episode and the one and only Captain Pinkeye, aka Lawyer Lewis, aka Jessica Lewis from Survivor Millennials v GenX joins us to recap episode 10!

Day 25-26

It’s a battle between Andrea and Zeke back at camp and neither of them are happy campers… But everyone else is! They just sit back and let those two implode.

Except for snakey Sarah who calms Zeke’s farm down and assures him everything will be OK and they can just get rid of Andrea next time! Ooh!


Sarah is doing a fantastic job of keeping her lines of communication open between the two major alliances and strengthening her relationships within. I’m excited to see how Sarah’s game progresses!


A private island picnic getaway is up for grabs for the winning tribe, but one person will NOT be picked and will sit out of the challenge. And guess who it is… Challenge beast Michaela. NO REWARD FOR YOU! Man, girl is pissed!! Little does she know there is a Secret Advantage right below her bootay.

Quit cussing and look down, girl!

All is fine and dandy during the challenge and even Aubry gives us her best Will Sims impression!

And then it was Cirie’s turn. The woman who showed the world that even the average couch potato can play Survivor. Cirie doesn’t claim to be the most physical player and she gave this course her all. And sometimes it just isn’t enough to win.

To the people who laughed, you suck!

These challenges don’t come easy and I felt terribly for Cirie. I mean, if Sandra was there at least she wouldn’t have been alone in the water!

No need to apologise, Cirie.

Needless to say, Cirie’s team loses and she breaks down into tears, and so do I… Well, not yet! Probst then has his spiel on how he believes Cirie can finish this challenge not just for the team, but her personally. A part of me is crying along with Cirie and I admit I got teary as she crossed the balance beam with her team mates.


Probst was ALL over it and cheering her on too. The other part of me thought that this was the Producer Jeff coming out and wanting to milk the situation for all it’s worth. What great TV it would make… and it did. So proud of you, Cirie!

And let’s not forget snakey Sarah! Michaela couldn’t work out how to look under her seat, but Sarah did! She swims over to the platform to nab the Advantage after everyone else has hopped on the boat, and NO ONE catches her. I find this completely bizarre. I’m guessing the producers pushed everyone to the front of the boat?! Nevertheless, Sarah wins this round!


Maku Maku. While everyone else is congratulating Cirie, Sarah walks off to check out her Advantage, which is to steal someones vote a tribal. She claims that NO ONE has played an Advantage correctly in the past… Fishbach ain’t happy about that!! And that she will be the first. Ouch! Sarah is definitely playing a smarter game this time around and ensuring her position moving forward.

Reward Feast. All I got out of this was Aubry pigging out and Amanda Bynes in She’s The Man.

Oh and Sierra mentioning how much power she has right now. Or so she thinks…



Classic building block challenge where you must spell IMMUNITY correctly, and poor Tai struggles. It’s down to Andrea and Troyzan in the end and the man with his own island wins immunity! Close call.

Namaste, bitches!

Maku Maku. Brad, Sierra and Debbie are strategising who to vote out next. Brad wants Andrea out as she’s the biggest strategic and physical threat right now… wow! Compliments to the max. Debbie wants Michaela out and says shes hella annoying, and I honestly haven’t seen this. Maybe tribal tea-sippers, coconut hogs aren’t everyone’s cuppa!!

Deb wants Michaela OUTTA HERE!

Sarah walks in on the Brad/Sierra alliance conference and she’s told to vote out Michaela. Ding, ding, ding! Sarah realises she’s at the bottom of a 6-way alliance and wants out! She decides to chat with Zeke to see if he’ll work with her and he’s all on board. Sarah makes a deal with both Zeke and Andrea to work together to target one of the other alliance members, and GAME IS ON! We then see a scene between Sarah and Sierra and the cop lady does a very good job in solidifying her loyalty with the barrel racer, hurrah!

Back to Debbie, her interaction with Aubry is both condescending and hilarious! She pretty much tells Aubry she’s stupid not to vote with her. Does Debbie think she controlled Aubry at all back in Kaoh Rong?!

Aubry agreeing to vote with Debbie.




There was never a name thrown around at camp, so obviously Aubry’s convo with Debbie got around camp and she seemed to be the easiest vote off. If only they had targetted Brad and Sierra! I understand they would most likely be perceived to have a hidden idol, so Debbie was the best pick. And if Sarah really took charge of this vote, keeping Brad and Sierra isn’t the worst thing for her game as she can justify to them why she targetted Debbie and it not hurt them in the long run. Alas, slothy Debbie was way too confident in her position and gets blindsided. The woman said it best.


Poor Debbie goes home in the same position she did in Kaoh Rong and joins Hali and Ozzy as the 3rd jury member. Debbie-6, Andrea-5.

Thank you for entertaining us!

Watch Debbie’s Ponderosa here:



GO SAHHHHHRRAA! Are we getting a winner edit from the cop who is playing like a criminal? It definitely seems like her game is falling into place and her tribe mates are responding to her and wanting to work with her. She’s flipped two weeks in a row and I really don’t see her facing too much heat for either of the moves. Ozzy was a logical threat to send home, and Debbie was gunning for her, so she can justify both boots without upsetting the dominant alliance. Even the way she roped Zeke back in after last weeks vote was masterful. She’s definitely reversed her doe eyed dopey about face as she got booted at the merge in Cagayan. Should she get there, I can really see her speaking well at final tribal council too, justifying the game she played and her narrative of how in a season of game changers she ‘changed her game’ from good cop to bad cop this season.

I do have one bug bear. While I appreciate as she said her ‘attention to detail’ I thought the editing of her grabbing the secret advantage was a bit suspect. Jeff said the boat would stop to pick up Michaela on their way out so why did Sarah then get out of the boat and onto the platform Michaela was on? And when the boat was about to depart it looked as if it empty except for the driver. It also seems strange that her fellow tribe mates wouldn’t see Sarah grabbing the advantage. Anywho,  nonetheless it was a good get from Miss Lacina, although like the others before her, I don’t see her playing the advantage correctly for maximum impact.

Also, the Cirie moment was powerful for sure, but the cynic in me was just thinking how much Jeff wanted to milk her whole ‘got up off the couch’ story for all it was worth. The challenge was over and normally he wouldn’t encourage players to finish when the other team has won. That said, my eyes did almost start to tear. Cirie is like so many of us normal folk – these challenges aren’t easy and I guarantee many of us on the couch struggle to have enough strength after 25 days on rice and coconut to pull ourselves out of the water and onto a platform. It was definitely one of those moments that transcended the game as we saw her tribe mates all supporting her.

Moving forward, with Sarah’s flip I feel the game has been thrown wide open and that’s definitely a relief.  For a while there it all seemed a bit underwhelming with all the favourite contestants going home early. The fact that the game has been switched up now means Queen Andrea is safe for a bit longer and perhaps Safe Sierra and Boring Brad won’t be marching to the end quite as easily. As for Debbie going home – a classic lesson in what happens when you get too cocky and comfortable in Survivor. Lets face it – she had a good run.

Episode 10 Q&A w/ JESSICA LEWIS


Jessica Lewis made waves on Millennials v GenX and most of it wasn’t even her wrongdoing! From the surprise idol play by David, to the Fiji cyclone giving her Pinkeye, to that damn black rock, Lewis rode the highs and lows of the game making it all the way to the merge. Unfortunately, the decision to draw rocks, or the wrong rock, sealed her fate in the game and she became the 4th member to join the jury

LyndzO: Hi Jess, welcome to Reality Ramblings where you can ramble as little or as much as you like! Thanks for joining me on this week’s recap!

Firstly, how’s life post-Survivor and are you able to look at rocks (specifically black ones) without wanting to smash something?

JessL: I’ve had to go to therapy and it was suggested that I adopt a pet rock.  I did and his name is Oscar.  I secretly despise Oscar.  I often curse him under my breath.  Sometimes I leave him out in the rain just so he can experience what I lived through that first night.  And to be completely honest with you, I’m just kidding!!  I really have no problems with rocks.  If anything, they make me smile.  It’s funny to find myself now tied to an inanimate object, one that directly affected my ability to win a million dollars.  But my feelings about it are all good.  I had the experience of a lifetime.  I got to be part of something that I have loved for years.  Rather than sit on the couch and comment on how I would have fared in a given challenge, I now know.  I don’t blame the rock.  It was my choice.  A choice I still do not regret.  Winning that game requires a willingness to put everything on the table.  The six of us that reached our hand into that bag showed a true willingness to go all in.  I just made the rock draw much better for the five that followed . . . Life for me since has been very busy but amazing.  I have been spending a lot of time with my husband, kids, and family (including my dogs), just appreciating each other’s presence.  Going without for 49 days was the hardest part for all of us.  I was promoted at work, a job I love.  And, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing a few podcasts and appearances here and there.  Oh, and I’ve been tweeting a bit!

LO: To “Game Changers”, what are your overall thoughts on the season? And you must be super thrilled your MvGX buddies Zeke and Michaela are still in it to win it, how do you feel about their games so far?

JL: I am loving this season!  I was thinking the other day that there isn’t one player who has not impressed me.  Each episode has been entertaining and every tribal has been awesome!  I love that the game has evolved yet again.  People are getting up at tribal, strategising and keeping things exciting.  I remember thinking in my final tribal “if only I wasn’t so far away from Will.”  It never even occurred to me to get up and go talk to him!

Every season presents a new approach, a new way to play.  I love this development.  I am thrilled for Zeke and Michaela still being contenders.  Zeke is certainly playing the game I saw during 33, which was an effective strategy BUT dangerous too.  He pushed too soon in 33 and I see that happening again.  Michaela is hilarious!!! Her tribal council appearances have been classic.  I love that she has locked on to Cirie.  But I see Cirie pulling an Erik move on her, so I am fearful of that (though I would love it too!!).

LO: Let’s be honest, are you salty that you weren’t asked back for this season?

JL: I would love to be honest, but let’s leave it at this: sometimes it’s not about the ask, but about life.  I have a husband, two kids and a career.  An immediate return 26 days after having been absent from my life for 49 wasn’t in the cards regardless of whether they had asked 😉

LO: Speaking of salty, we start the episode with Zeke having a go at Andrea for targetting him. We also last week saw that he wanted to target her, an ally, this early on. Was this a good move on Zeke’s behalf? Where do you draw the line in wanting to be in control and leaving control to others?

JL: This tendency is where I see Zeke’s downfall coming from.  He did the same in 33.  He was in our 6 (me, Hanna, Ken, Adam, David, Zeke) and we had the numbers, with the addition of Will.  But he decided to switch things up and target David, which culminated in a rock draw, followed by his ouster at the next tribal.  So, he probably would have been better off sitting back and allowing others to take charge for awhile.  Working with them rather than against them.  Now, he has some serious damage control to do.
Get it together, Zeke!

LO: On to the reward challenge and the biggest focus was on Cirie’s ability to complete the challenge as she struggled in the water and balance beam. I’m unsure how genuine this ‘push’ was from Probst as it felt like the Producer in him came out, but I could be totally wrong. How did you feel about Cirie finishing this challenge, and how important is it for your deprived psyche out there TO finish?

JL: It’s huge really.  The last thing you want is to be the one that costs your tribe the challenge.  And honestly, those challenges would be hard for most people with full bellies and a good night’s sleep.  Your physical and mental self are pushed to the limit but you are forced to keep moving and competing.  I remember one night after tribal wanting nothing more than to lie on the sand and sleep rather than walk what felt like miles back to camp.  The torch was so heavy.  My feet sinking in the sand.  Knowing that when I returned to camp there was a fire to build, no food to eat, and conversations to be had, rather than salt n’ vinegar chips, a comfy couch and what to watch on TV being the biggest decision to make.  Her desire to finish, and the support from the tribe was so touching.  The fact that they supported her rather than berate her shows this is a group of people that know this game; they understand the struggles and that everything you do can (and will) effect your game.  Sarah jumping in the water to help Cirie is an example of the best way to play this game and the best way to be seen by a jury.

LO: Also, how did Michaela not see the Secret Advantage?! Although, why would you look under the seat?! Were you thrilled Sarah, or at least someone, grabbed it before they left?

JL: I was SO thrilled.  Not only that she saw it, but she went for it!  And I love how the producers reacted.  They let her take her time, untie the advantage, tuck it away and get in the boat.  Shout out to Woody.  I miss that guy ☹

LO: There’s a scene where Sarah and Cirie are lying in the hammock and Cirie mentions that Sierra and Brad would take Sarah to the end as a goat. Do you believe this is true and could Sarah really beat the power couple?

JL: Sarah has definitely stepped up her game in the last two episodes.  Her game has been a quiet one.  She is slowly building up a resume that could certainly put her in a strong position against the power couple.  And she’s in a place where she has not alienated herself from anyone, really. So no one on the jury should be upset with her.  But, that may have changed after her flip at this last tribal. However, if she plays it right she is in a good place.


LO: Debbie seems to think she’s in control and is quite vocal about it. You could see she was pissing Aubry right off! Is there any way possible that Debbie could win Game Changers?

JL: Um, not now. . . The tribe has spoken.  Remember?

LO: Oops, I mean could she ever have won this game?!

JL: Her biggest inability to win Survivor really comes from herself.  I love her spunk and tenacity but sometimes less is more.  That is never the case with Debbie.  She is very proud of all she has accomplished in life (rightfully so) and makes everyone well aware of that.  She reminds me of Annie Oakley who sings “anything you can do I can do better.”   Don’t get me wrong, she is a fierce competitor but she would be better to let her performance speak for itself, rather than her own words.  It’s Debbie’s quiet moments that have impressed me the most.  That conversation on the hammock about Ozzy.  When she performs in a challenge without pointing out how well she is doing.  The moment she realized she was going to exile and her incredible response.  Should she have been in a final three, I believe her answers would never be humble, or come from a place of humility.  Sometimes, those are the best answers. Speaking to one’s weakness and how that was overcome.  How challenged this game made them feel.  How hard it truly was.  That doesn’t t seem to be Debbie’s forte and could certainly have effected her ability to win.  A final three with Debbie has all the makings of a great drinking game.  Every time Debbie mentions one of her professions, take a drink.  Every time Debbie talks about her 8 pack, take a drink.  Every time Debbie laughs her maniacal laugh, take a drink.  You get my point. 

LO: Sarah figures out which side to vote with and I believe this sets herself up to make the finals. She eventually votes with the current trust cluster of 5 and votes out Debbie. Do you think this was the right choice moving forward? I think it was the safe vote, versus voting for Brad or Sierra who could possibly be perceived to have an idol. I’m team Sarah!

JL: Sarah has realized that she needs to play differently than she did her first time around.  Hence, her willingness to make moves and switch things up.  She’s now shined a light on herself though.  Brad and Sierra will be looking at her, and blaming her, for foiling their plans, so she needs to fix that.  Perhaps her best play is to focus on Sierra and that conversation on the beach.  Sierra wanted a final three with Sarah and Debbie.  That’s information that Brad doesn’t have, maybe she can drive a wedge.  Voting for Debbie was questionable though.  Debbie wears her loyalty on her sleeve.  And practically has a sign at tribal council.  You will always know which way Debbie is swinging.  But that also makes her dangerous.  She’s like a mama bear with cubs.  Take out one of hers and watch out!  She’s coming for you.


LO: If you played again, and the Survivor Gods blessed you with the opportunity at tribal, would you accept a rock-draw or flip your vote? (or draw the right coloured rock? :P)

JL: I honestly don’t know.  It would all depend on the situation.  At my final tribal there was no option for me to flip.  There was no love for me on the other side.  They had just tried to vote me out.  I had been saved by an idol early in the game.  I needed those who were loyal to me to stay loyal.  And I needed to prove my loyalty in order to have an argument if I made it to the final three.  That’s what makes Survivor so incredible.  You can plan, strategise and have a great path to victory, but suddenly that path is blocked due to something, or someone, outside of your control.  If I play again and flipping helps my path, then I flip.  But if drawing rocks is the way, then bring out the bag.

LO: How do you feel about Michaela’s shade at tribal? Sipping tea and eating popcorn… Too much or just right?

JL: As a viewer, I find it hilarious!  As a player, not a good idea.  Especially when her tribe mates have been mentioning her behavior since before JT was voted out.  Attitude certainly plays into jury votes.  As does likeability.

Michaela Sass.

LO: What would you imagine to be worse – Pinkeye or having Debbie’s butt in your eyes?

JL: LOL!  I had pinkeye for almost 2 weeks.  Debbie’s butt in my eyes would be quick, fleeting.  I have to go with Debbie’s butt.


LO: Who are you most impressed with in the game so far and with 10 people left who do you think will make the Final 3?

JL: Brad has impressed me.  As has Sierra and Sarah.  I see them all playing different games than they did previously.  Andrea has been amazing in the challenges, and her throwing shade has been highly entertaining.  Final three is going to come down to relationships.  I think Tai is a definite. If Cirie is smart (and she is) she would avoid bringing Andrea.  If she can bring Tai and Michaela, she’s winning. Not because either has played badly, it’s all about relationships, and Cirie knows how to play the social game better than anyone still there.  Sierra is in a great spot too and has a Legacy Advantage.  So, if she survives the next vote, they are down to 9.  She has 2 more tribals to use her idol before final 6, at which point she plays her advantage.  If it’s the same as the legacy in 33, she has immunity and makes final 5.  If Tai is still around, and I believe he will be, she’s going to have help to stay in the game.  But then there’s Cirie.  Cirie is recognizing that Sierra is running the show, that’s bad for Sierra, good for Brad.  Maybe Cirie can use Brad against Sierra, which would be awesome.  Zeke, I fear, is gone in the next 2 tribals.  I could come up with so many more permutations that my head would start spinning.  However, my winner pick was Ciera.  So, what do I know.

Jess is banking on a Cirie win with a Tai and Michaela on the side!

LO: Finally, who do YOU want to win Game Changers?

JL: Cirie.  I have always been a fan.  Her story is incredible and I have so much respect for her social game.  Her likeability.  The fact that she managed to save Michaela while still voting for her AND keeping Michaela’s loyalty is incredibly impressive.  She once described herself as “a gansta in an Oprah suit.”  I couldn’t agree more.

LO: Thank you so much for your time, Jess! Any final words? 🙂

JL: Thank you Lynda and Reality Ramblings for letting me ramble.  I truly love Survivor and still find myself saying “I was on Survivor” in amazement (yes, out loud, but only to close friends and family) because it feels surreal.  I have watched since the first season and never thought I would one day be looking across a beach at Jeff Probst and a wall of cameras.  It took me almost a full year to stop dreaming about being on the island.  That’s how deeply it becomes ingrained in you.  I loved every second.  And regret nothing, not even the rock.

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