Reality Ramblings is back to recap episode 6 and 7 of the Amazing Race! Hope everyone is enjoying the season so far. And for all the strangers pairing up, I think it’s been pretty damn good!


START LOCATION: Alesund, Norway! It’s time to fly to Italy! Double U-Turn ahead. Tara and Joey leave first, with fighting team Liz and Mike in last place; the arguing is not a pretty sight. Mike seems to be the more annoying one in this team right now…

All the teams chat about the U-Turn and everyone other than #TeamFun decide that Vanck and Ashton are THE team to be U-Turned, plus they’ll decide to cock block the double so Vanck and Ashton can’t use it. Ouch!

The other teams don’t find Vanck all that Keesh!

ROADBLOCK: It’s a moving restaurant. Eat two dishes of food, drink wine and pick out signs? This Roadblock is made for me!! Poor LoLo Logan is left behind because they only allow 4 people on a train at one time. Tara and Mike work smart and work together. Everyone else is playing an individual game. Tara gets the three signs right first and her and Joey head to Cernobbio. Wherever that is.

Food on a Roadblock? YES PLEASE!

Back on the trains, none of the 4 boys got the third sign, meanwhile Logan who is last to complete the trains looks like he’s going to beat them! Alas, he gets the one wrong that everyone else has right! Sigh…

Poor Logan the Loner.

Tara and Joey are first to the steam boat and it’s a 7am departure. It truly is a close race these days, you can’t get TOO ahead! That wouldn’t be fair.

Scott gives us some great facials!! Finally the other teams finish and join in the steamboat feast. Gosh it looks all so delicious. And so much wine!

Teams float across the water to Varenna, Italy. Tara and Joey get to the U-Turn first and they do what I’d hope they do, NOT U-Turn anyone. Leave it to the other cut throat teams to deal with it.

DETOUR: Make a mold of a ghost, ARGH! OR Grab a hold of the rock face. I don’t do ghosts so rock face it is!

The fuck?! No deal.

Mike and Liz end up U-Turning Vanck and Ashton. They then tell Becca and Floyd to U-Turn them so it becomes void. Becca is SO EXCITED because she’s a rock climber by trade. Meanwhile, Joey realises he has to sculpt a ghost out of Tara… Great.

Vanck and Ashton are lost AF and eventually find the clue box. Scott and Brooke find out that the U-Turns have been cast and are ecstatic that they won’t be last, ha!

At the rock climb it’s Becca v Matt! Both teams smash the Detour and leave in spots 1 & 2!

SpiderMatt and Becca killing it!!

Brooke decides to climb up the wall and she’s already freaking out. I’ll just say my hubby is not coping with her at all! Scott does really well guiding Brooke up, but sweet baby cheeses, she goes off her rocker! Take a minute to breathe. She tries to get Scott to be her eyes, deary me, he can’t see up on the rocks love! This is as frustrating for us to watch as it is for Brooke trying to find hand holds. Of course she finishes the Detour and I can’t commend Scott enough for not blowing his lid. Brooke, be confident in yourself, you’ve completed all your challenges so far 🙂

Calm the F down, Brooke!

Matt and Redmond had an unfortunate boat driver, allowing Becca and Floyd to arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #1! The Boys become Team #2!

Poor Vanck and Ashton are stuck in last place and Ashton completes the ghost Detour. She talks about how different the two are and how they’ve come together in this race. They make it to the Pit Stop in last place. They should be uber proud in the way they worked together. Well done, guys!

Vanck & Ashton appreciate their time on the Race 🙂


START LOCATION: Varenna, Italy. There are only 6 teams left. Where did all that time go?! #TeamFun leave first and head to Venice! I’m ready for some amazing vocals in the gondolas. Can I just say, I love Team LoLo, even though we barely see them. I think it’s because London is pretty much Ellen, but whatevs.

Matt and Redmond just can’t catch a break, other teams just keep passing them!

TAR2906 ezgif-3-6443715fdb.gif
Joey screamin’ down the block!

DETOUR: Sing it OR Bring it. Now I’d love to sing down the canals of Venice, but my hubby has no singing skills whatsoever. Shame. Team LoLo feel bad they didn’t tell the other teams about where the clue was. Uh oh, the other teams are now on to them! They may have just become the new Vanck and Ashton!

Matt and Redmond undoubtedly take on Bring It, while Team Fun are Singingggggg!! I love it. They get to dress up as well. They’re both keen as beans! They get into the gondola and serenade complete strangers, I’d lap this up y’all! The medley between Team Fun and Mike and Liz sound a bit train wreck-ish, but fun nonetheless.


Matty and Redmond finish the Detour in no time and are in first place.

ROADBLOCK: Paint a mask. Easy peasy right?! :/

Team Fun finally make it out of the gondola alive. Scott and Brooke win this one as well, umm Brooke actually has a good voice too! Everyone is struggling finding a water taxi. Team LoLo get lucky and a family lets them ride with them, phew! On the flip side, Brooke takes a 180 and settles back into her irate mood. GAH!

Tara joins Redmond in painting masks, but it’s a little too late! Redmond’s mask is beauuuuutiful and he and Matty run off for the Pit Stop. Liz is inside painting her mask, while Mike is whingeing outside about other teams not helping him when he does. This is a competition dude, you’re not obliged to help anyone.

Omg Becca, love your outfit, so vintage!

Matt and Redmond are Team #1! They did it!! Well done boys, you finally made it. They win a trip to Grenada; Caribbean here they come! And with Floyd finishing the Detour puts him and Becca in second place, woohoo Team #2 again!

TAR2907 ezgif-3-6443715fdb.gif
The boys are back in town!

Brooke takes on the Detour, and I’m worried. She’s going nuts because she can’t figure out how to start the mask… Even I’m like, well, there’s your base colour!

Liz about Brooke: “Sometimes you need to put your big girl panties on and do it yourself”

But Liz herself wasn’t following the lady, and Ellen picks up on the fact.

TAR2908 ezgif-3-6443715fdb.gif
You dawg, London! (Almost forgot her real name tbh)

Ellen talks up her artistry so much that Brooke takes over and ends up painting her mask first. Say whaaat??! Ellen obviously puts almost TOO much detail in her mask, but beats Liz. Team LoLo, Brook and Scott head to the Pit Stop together and things don’t look good for Liz and Mike.

And not too far behind in last place is Liz and Mike. FORTUNATELY, it’s a non-elimination leg. Dagnammit!! But I’m happy they’re still in the race.


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