We are almost halfway through Survivor NZ and Simon Knyvett joins me again with his thoughts on this weeks episodes. Totally devo one of my faves is gone!!

Episode 7 – Day 12-14

Hermosa. It’s the aftermath of Georgia’s torch snuffing and look at Nate step up to the plate as leader! The tribe deliberate whether Tom will stick with them or join the Mogoton boys.

Redemption Island. Izzy’s just watching on as Georgia and Shannon chatter away… It will be very interesting if these two progress together, IF Georgia gets back into the game. #shewill

Izzy is bored AF with the small talk.

Hermosa. Nate is ready to play this game, and it starts by leaving Shannon to scramble for her place in the tribe. Shannon joins them and lets everyone know she never wanted to work with Mike… Well, on episode 1 she did, and didn’t want to work with the oldies… Remember?! Anyway, Barb questions Shannon and she backs herself up well. I still think they better watch out with Shannon, she definitely could sneakily whoop all their asses!

Mogoton. We see Tom working settling in well with the boys, he’s pretty much at home right now! He really wants Shay out ASAP.

And also, Michael pining for Georgia.

I miss #GeorgeMichael too!!


Captain Sparrow is PISSED that Georgia was voted out.


Avi, sweet Avi, thinks that Tom is still on his side… Hmm.

Reward is comfort including a hammock and FIVE chocolate bars! Shame the NZ producers got so cheap on them… But to that later.

It’s a one man show for each team with Avi and Lee representing their tribes in this challenge. Also, they should have not bothered with sticking Go-Pro’s in the water as the images were shocking! It was actually giving me a headache. I won’t even include a screenshot of it. And low and behold, Hermosa win Reward! FINALLY. Couldn’t be happier for the tribe.


Hermosa. Avi enjoys his hammock ride. He definitely deserved it!

King Avi! Too soon?

Then the chocolate reward appears on screen…

Drink that shit!

Seriously, they could have kept the chocolate in wrappers and then foiled up or something, this looks fuuuuglaaay. You know if you have to eat chocolate bars with a fork something’s wrong!

Sorry Barb πŸ˜›

Mogoton. Shay is struggling living with the neanderthals and knows she’s on the chopping block if they lose the next challenge. Jak thinks he’s hilarious and calls Barb and Nate the Retirement Village People on Hermosa. I can’t help but laugh! But funny you say that Jak, I can confirm Barb will be in the hospice next week’s episode! πŸ˜‰

Hermosa. Shannon is werrrking it and chats to Barb. Shannon knows she needs to re-earn their trust and place in this game. I just have a feeling that she will! But, I also know Barb has a pretty good read on these youngens so won’t succumb to any sneaky Shannon plays just yet!


Redemption Island. Izzy and Georgia are preparing for the duel and Georgia is freaking out, while Izzy is calm AF. The problem with Izzy’s calm and quiet nature is that it looks like she doesn’t really want to win it! Where you can see Georgia desperately wants to win and keep going. It just shows how people handle situations and stress differently.


I know this is a very unpopular opinion, but I just can’t get enough of George Michael!!

The Captain is happy to see the missus again.

Today’s duel is one we’ve seen a few times before… Balance different shaped bowls one at a time on a one handled paddle! And I hope they weren’t hand-made by Nicaraguans; they didn’t get through many at all!!

No hiding who Barb is rooting for! #ABitThisWay

Izzy looks pretty confident to begin with, while Georgia struggles with her dinnerware and things look wobbly for the most part! And then out of nowhere, Izzy’s plates start to fall about a millisecond before Georgia’s plates fall, BUT Georgia places her other hand on the handle! THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. But no one even mentions it. Matt doesn’t see it. Production didn’t call it out. So Georgia wins the Duel as Izzy’s plates fall to the ground first. Anyway it’s such a close call… Rematch I say!!

SLOWMO. Izzy was robbed!!

Georgia survives to live another day (lucky biotch) and I really am glad for her. I think Georgia has plenty more to give and I really hope she makes it back into the game!

As for Izzy, I’m devastated!!!!! It’s so hard to bounce back from Redemption Island though, so it was inevitable she was going home soon. She definitely had more to give since day 1 where she looted Hermosa’s swag on the beach. I’d love to see her back on Survivor one day. #TeamIzzy


Check out Izzy’s exit interview here:


Episode 8 – Day 15-16

Redemption Island. Georgie girl is alone at RI after losing her fire… I miss Izzy.

Mogoton. Tom doesn’t want a bar of Shay and she really is so lucky to be there. Shay is seen as that annoyed girlfriend dragged along to a boys camping trip; it’s a pretty funny sight! She has to know she’s going home next if they go to tribal… Such a shame, Shay has given us some really funny moments this season! Move over, Jak!

Poor Shay… #unpopularopinion

Hermosa. Shannon is working Avi now and he’s falling for it. Nooo! He truly believes she’s ready to start a new game with him and Sala. I’m not quite sure about this.

Mogoton. Shay doesn’t seem like a popular person right now on Mogoton OR with viewers, but damn I am hoping the boys do a crappy job throwing the challenge so she stays around!

Hermosa. Barb agrees to take on the puzzle at the next challenge, and Shannon thinks Barb is not good at anything. WOW. Take your judgement elsewhere girly.

God, I love Shannon, but she doesn’t shut up!


Fill a jar by throwing water from bucket to bucket and there’s a special word puzzle at the end. The Mogoton boys start off well by not getting much water in their jar at all. Shay helps by not doing a very good job throwing her water either.. haha! She’s throwing the challenge for herself really.

Shocking Shay!!

It’s Shannon and Barb on the puzzle and they are getting nowhere! Avi and Sala catch on that the boys aren’t even trying to win.


THIS IS THE MOST EMBARRASSING CHALLENGE EVER!!! I can’t even watch. What a train wreck.

Which phrase is commonly said by Matt? #takeaguess

FINALLY Barb and Shannon finish the puzzle and poor Shay, look at her face. She knows she’s screwed. As for Shannon she’s in hysterics. She’s safe for another few nights! Shay blames herself for the loss. Ugh. This team is gross.

Hermosa. While Shannon is celebrating, Nate and Sala agree that Mogoton threw the challenge, but won’t tell the happy gal. They know Shay will be on the chopping block tonight. So sad.

Mogoton. Are the guys being obnoxious or just being smart playing the game? Throwing a challenge seemed to have worked out for them now, but they sure have lost the respect of everyone else on the other tribe.

Hermosa. We’ve heard A LOT from Shannon this episode… She is right from her pre-season bio, she IS loud! Anyhow, not sure why we are hearing her thoughts on Shay when she hasn’t even played with her yet… yada yada.

Mogoton. Shay is not laying down her torch just yet. She tries to get Jak and Tom on board with her… Eek! Jak would be on board with voting out Mike, big threat to be honest! C’mon Shay, sell it!! She plans to rip this tribe apart.

Mike, Tom and Jak plan to vote Shay out, but plan to use Mike’s name as fodder. Captain Sparrow doesn’t like this at all. Maybe we will see #GeorgeMichael back together sooner than we thought??


Lee really is getting the purple edit this season. I think he’s had about 2 confessionals so far. Matt asks if everyone gave their all at the challenge… Jak says they all gave it a good crack. Lying bastards! Mike talks about numbers going into the merge… He definitely still has Georgia on side. The Captain wants her to come back, and believes she will be back in the game. I’d like to give kudos to Tom here as well because it was a smart move by him to save face for himself by getting Michael on board to put his name down… Not everyone would accept that! Tom is here to play!

Woah, it’s been suxteen days already! Shay mentions the Captain not washing his hair in 2 years.. word spreads fast! And it’s too good to be true, Shay is voted out and joins Georgia on Redemption Island. Shay-3, Mike-2.

Seeya Shady Shay!


Seems like the Merge is next week. It really will be a fight between the Mogoton boys versus the rest and they’ll be desperately hoping Georgia comes back in the game. The wildcard for me is Shannon. Will she go back to her old tight five alliance, or move on to play a more dynamic game with the new Hermosa? Time will tell… Also, what is with all the women going home so early?! Technically there’s only 2 of 9 females left and it’s going to be such a sausage fest very quickly! HUGE YAWN. But moving on, to be part of the Jury is a MASSIVE accomplishment, and I think there will definitely 7 who make it. Who will they be? I think Shay will leave next, and this is a tough thing to say because I really do like her! But I would love to see Georgia make the jury more. Let’s just hope that if this happens and say Georgia gets back into the game that Redemption Island is no more! It would then be Mike, Georgia, Lee and Jak VS Sala, Avi, Barb and Nate. Tom will most likely join Mike, and Shannon, well… Like I said, time will tell. I look forward to seeing how these two groups battle it out to the end! I also see Sala, Avi and Shannon making it deep into this game, possibly Final 3. (But what do I know?! Haha) P.S. Can we have more Barb confessionals please? I feel like we are missing out on some golden oldies right now! πŸ˜›


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I’m going to keep this short and sweet this week guys. A challenge was thrown. I must say I was a little bit excited about this prospect last week. That is not to say I think that it was a great game move (simmer down Eliza they can be beneficial sometimes). Nope I do not think this was the case this time. Not in a season with Redemption Island. The four guys just needed to stay the course, beat their opponents again and let them choose a pecking order. Hell my girl Shannon seemed to be working it alright over there. I am sure she could have worked something with Sala and Avi.

Going over to that tribe (Hermosa) as I stated before I think Shannon was playing it far better than Georgia. This is obviously all circumstantial as they did not go to tribal, but I think she did well to set herself up as a swing vote. And is it just me or is Shannon the best poised to play the recently crowned ‘Sarah Lacina’ game. This will certainly be the case if the merge comes. I am sure everyone is getting sick and tired of me playing up Shannon. But the girl is playing a killer game. Both as a player and a character she kills it. While she could be on the bottom I think she seems to almost have something of a relationship with everyone in the game (and it is probably a lot less scheme-y than Mike).

Speaking of Mike… From all accounts you seem like an awesome guy outside the game, but I feel a great blindside coming on. In the first episode you talked about being a tribe of heroes. All I can think of is the Batman quote, β€œYou either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.’’ Well my friend I think you are becoming that villain. I say all this, but if Georgia comes back into the game you may just be in a good position. When even your alliance members like Jak are lining you up though it smells like trouble.

Speaking of Jak I feel like we have been getting to know this guy more and more lately. The more I see of him the more I like. He came into this season talking about playing like Fabio and I actually think he is doing this. Rather than playing the dope I think Jak is using his humour to disarm people. While the older folk like Nate certainly do not appreciate his game he is making great bonds with Tom. So much so that they seem to have their own voting bloc.

Anyways, excited if we get this merge next week. My big prediction was thinking Mike would be the merge boot and I still think this is a high possibility. Oh would that be a great merge boot. Like Cochran I would marinate in it. As I said I would keep this short so I will go with my power rankings so far…

#1 Shannon. #2 Sala. #3 Avi. #4 Jak. #5 Barb. #6 Nate. #7 Lee. #8 Tom. #9 Mike.

Returning from Redemption, let’s just say #BringBackShadyShay.

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