It’s the final showdown between Team LoLo, Will & Grace and Mom & Dad! I must admit I wasn’t very keen going into this season, but it really has given us the goods. Another winner, CBS!


I’m sure Brooke appreciated her montage of complaints at the start of this episode!

START LOCATION: Seoul, South Korea! And we’re heading back to the States, off to the windy city of Chicago, Illinois! La di da, it’s First Prestige class for all three teams.

TAR2921 ezgif-3-6443715fdb.gif
Premature congratulatory CLINK! They knew πŸ˜‰

All teams are off to Chicagoland Speedway, and who gets there first? Brooke and Scott! This looks like a whole of fun! One team member gets behind the wheel, and the other replaces the tyres in the Pit Stop. Of course, Brooke is on the tyres… please, please, please stay calm! Scott’s waiting in the car while Brooke is FREAKING OUT. She can’t do it.

TAR2922 ezgif-3-6443715fdb.gif

Joey smashes it out for Mom and Dad in 37 seconds. Now, look at London doing the tyres. She didn’t do it in the required time, but she’s like F*CK, OKAY. No whingeing.

TAR2923 ezgif-3-6443715fdb.gif
Logan: “No worries, darlin’!”

Scott doesn’t make the driving time in his first attempt, so badass Tara takes off and she’s even slower. But at least her driving was smooth… ha! London finally gets the tyre on as Scott goes for his winning drive. Scott and Brooke are off first!

TAR2924 ezgif-3-6443715fdb.gif
Is this not a sign or what?!

Brooke and Scott are off to Monroe Train Station to find some random worker on the tracks. Tara and Joey do their victory lap in second, and Team LoLo finish the track in third.

Brooke and Scott walk past the Red & Yellow flag helmet dude at first, but eventually see him, phew!Β  Next clue is to solve a riddle to figure out famous landmarks via postcards to come up with their next location. Both Brooke and Scott and Tara and Joey use random chick’s phones to help solve the riddle.

Oh to be a random TAR helper!!

Scott finds a guy wearing red and yellow and he has a postcard for them. WOW. I am so impressed! I am so unobservant I wouldn’t even know. All teams are searching for their postcards, Brooke and Scott finish first and Brooke is crying for no reason. OMG. Now is not the time!

City Hall Rooftop is the next destination, and I’m not even sure Brooke is going to make it. Why is she arguing with Scott?! I’m so confused. They eventually make it there and an awesome beekeeper gives them their next location. Ooh and it’s outside a hotdog stand next to Wrigley Field!

Sell hotdogs at the baseball, pretty cool!! This is the best leg of Scott and Brooke’s Amazing Race career! They are absolutely killing it.

Yeah… I’d be checking if that’s really beef too.

It’s the final challenge of the race! Team members work on opposite sides of Wrigley Field and line up the cities and their placement on that leg. Scott works on the scoreboard, while Brooke tells him through the radio. You can tell they’ve thought about this final challenge – which all teams should!

Mom & Dad and Team LoLo are not even close!! 😦 They are still serving hotdogs. It’s a little bit obvious what’s going to happen here…

TAR2925 ezgif-3-6443715fdb.gif
King Joey of Wrigley!!

Brooke and Scott finish putting together their scoreboard together and after a check, everything is CORRECT! They work out their special math problem to get their seat number clue in the stadium. Brooke spots it and it’s the clue to the final Pit Stop!

Phil and all the the eliminated teams are awaiting the winning team! Meanwhile, Team LoLo are serving hotdogs in the stands. Dayum.

TAR2926 ezgif-3-6443715fdb.gif
And YOU get a hotdog, and YOU get a hotdog!!

Mom and Dad are looking for their clue in the stands, while Team Lolo can’t work out the whole microphone, or binoculars, or the challenge itself… Eek!

Brooke and Scott see the Pit Stop and I think they’ve completely shocked themselves, the other teams, Phil, and everyone watching this show, becoming the winners of The Amazing Race Season 29! Congratulations guys!!

TAR2927 ezgif-3-6443715fdb

Second place team go to Mom and Dad, Tara and Joey! I do wonder how long between the two teams.


And in third place, while the sun’s still out, London and Logan finally make the mat. They look so bloody happy! I love this team. They seem like such genuinely nice people. Aww πŸ™‚

Love these guys!

Once again, congrats to the winning team! Seriously, who would have thought from episode 1, eh?! These two definitely give me (S3) Flo and Zach vibes. Scott did a bloody good job dealing with Brooke’s emotions. But, they did it!! It truly is an AMAZING RACE!


Blog by Lynda Olson