Season FIVE is here! And I already miss Kristen and Steph! :O

Looking at the ten new teams, you can see they really just wanted an all-girl team to win last season as there are only TWO this season. In terms of relationships, I like how they’ve covered all bases… Mother/Son, Father/Son, Friends, Couples, Siblings, TARC has the lot! No one really stands out for me like last year (I was pretty much OMG LESBIANS!), and there seem to be A LOT of beef cakes which is a little annoying.. And there’s always the stunt casting. But I look forward to the dynamics they bring this seasons. We shall see! Because I was away for the Survivor NZ Finale I wasn’t able to check out all the bios, but my favourites going into the race (based on pretty much photos) were Kenneth & Ryan, Megan & Courtney and Sam & Paul.


I’ll be recapping by going through each of the teams in order of elimination this season, so here we go! Side note: I had no idea Jon Monty was an Olympic Gold Medallist! How on Earth did I miss this info?!

PRIZE: A car each, a trip for two around the world, the title of TARC and $250,000! Also, are they only travelling Canada and saving on overseas legs? I’m not sure how I feel about this, to race around the world is part of the whole Amazing Race experience. Mixed feelings!

START LOCATION: St Johns, Newfoundland.
END LOCATION: Vancouver, British Columbia.

Team #1 – Kenneth & Ryan

KennethRyan (2).jpg

DETOUR: Paddle – and they killed it!!
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Ryan.


KENNETH AND RYAN YOU’RE TEAM NUMBER ONE! ARGHH! This team is SO LOUD! I can’t tell if they are overly obnoxious or if they’re just really excitable men and are just so full of life they wanna tell the whole world! In saying that they seem like a lot of fun and VERY positive, probably because they have that arrogant vibe that they can do no wrong! They also seem kinda gross, or maybe it’s just Kenneth’s moustache, he has the porno director mo thang going on… But I digress. Team Give’r, as they go by, are going to be strong competitors and from what we’ve seen so far I reckon they’ll go far in the race. So much charisma, so much enthusiasm! Expect them to be one of the top three teams!

Team #2 – Korey & Ivana

KoreyIvana (2).jpg

DETOUR: Pedal.
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Ivana.

I really like this team! I didn’t know much about them beforehand, but they definitely are strong and will no doubt have any problems in any physical challenge. And if you don’t think they have the smarts they completed the morse code challenge pretty quickly too. Ivana also absolutely bossed the Roadblock being the first racer to complete it after the first attempt. She definitely has some Abominable Abdominals πŸ˜‰ Hello new hashtag! And I think there will be plenty more good stuff from this team to come!

Team #3 – Adam & Andrea

AdamAndrea (2)

DETOUR: Paddle.
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Adam.

These two are super cute. Both fit and competitive and their aim is to be the first brother-sister team to win the Amazing Race Canada! I honestly wish them the best of luck. We didn’t see too much of them this episode though, so a little hard to judge so early on. I just hope they don’t become “The Eh Team” (thanks to the pic) who doesn’t really make an impact! Go Adam and Andrea!!

Team #4 – Sam & Paul

SamPaul (2).jpg

DETOUR: Paddle.
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Paul.

I love these guys. The male version of Kristeph of Amazing Race Canada Season 5! But not as hot, and male, and definitely not has humble as our lesbian favourites! Though, how cute is Paul? πŸ˜› We haven’t seen much of this team yet, but they seem very confident in their abilities and will do well in whatever is thrown their way. Sam seems a little bit cockier than his partner, and we could potentially see temper tantrums if things go wrong. So juicy! Finishing in fourth in the first leg is a good placing as it makes you look like a threat without being too much of a threat. I just hope their cockiness doesn’t take over… Then I’ll be off them quite quickly!

Team #5 – Zed & Shabbir

ZedShabbir (2).jpg

DETOUR: Pedal.
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Shabbir.

My hubby’s favourite team! Zeb and Shabbir’s relationship is SOOO cute. Like, the cutest of the season!! Zeb is totally right at the first morse code challenge, he has the oldest guy there and Shabbir definitely knows his way around decoding. And the oldest guy is not afraid to take on some big challenges; Shabbir says yes to the tightrope! This team will no doubt be fan favourites too. I just hope they hang in there and make it deep into the race.

Team #6 – Karen & Bert

KarenBert (2).jpg

DETOUR: Pedal.
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Bert.

Okay so, the hubby and wife started out a little frazzled not reading their clue correctly and going to the wrong Fairmont Hotel, but they gained back some time after completing the Tightrope Roadblock. One qualm – the way Bert treated it as a repel and just pulled himself across. That actually annoyed me. Clearly there wasn’t any penalty for doing this, but tightrope should be made to WALK across! But anyway. Huge LOL at Bert showing off on the bikes then stacking it. Unfortunately I don’t think this team have much left in the tank and they’ll be gone soon… Also, as much as muscles are great, there are already too many people on this season who don’t mind flexing off to the camera. Here’s looking at you Bert!

Lol. “I deserved that”.

Team #7 – Andrea & Ebonie

AndreaEbonie (2).jpg

DETOUR: Pedal.
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Ebonie.

OMG. NEVER ever take a penalty unless you ABSOLUTELY have to! I’m not sure about these ladies, first challenge and they give up straightaway? I do wonder how long they were at the morse code before deciding to take a penalty. I’m already frustrated with them, but I just remembered two teams took a penalty in the first episode last season. I their defence that Roadblock was a toughie! Anyhow, the girls completed the Roadblock and Detour pretty quickly and they were so lucky the other teams were so far behind! In saying that, I think time’s up soon for these model-turned-yoga chicks! Eek!

Team #8 – Dan & Riya

DanRiya (2).jpg

DETOUR: Pedal.
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Dan.

YouTubers… Ugh. Total stunt casting, so initially I’m not too keen on these guys. They seem to be okay so far, so I really shouldn’t judge based on the first episode, but I will. I hope they receive even more views on their YouTube pages, because I don’t see them lasting much longer in the race! :/

Team #9 – Megan & Courtney

MeganCourtney (2).jpg

DETOUR: Pedal, after a failed Paddle.
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Megan.

I’m pretty sure Megan and Courtney have never left the island of Newfoundland. These goofy girls are uber cute and I can’t help but root for them. I don’t see them winning, but you never know in the race, look at Maya and Amy winning the US Amazing Race (S25)! They seem so cute and dopey they even run into the glass doors at the airport. Precious! Even Courtney tells Megan to ‘be careful’ jumping over some chains; clearly clumsy too! And then she tells the other teams that Megan has terrible balance whilst waiting for her to finish the tightrope. I love these girls! Thank God there are some normal lovable goofballs on this race. #GirlsFromTheBae

Bump, bump!

Team #10 – Aaron & Deb

AaronDeb (2).jpg

DETOUR: Pedal.
ROADBLOCK: Tightrope – Deb.

“We put the FUN in Funeral Directors”, Jaysus! They seem a little cray cray, but I also love mother and son duos as they always seem to be the underdogs. It’s tough going in with the handycap of having an ‘older person’ on your team. Unlike Zeb and Shabbir though, Deb struggled on the tightrope course and my heart cried when Aaron went to comfort her on the roof. Aww. That’s what you need in the race, an encouraging partner! And I have to say maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t make it far as how many different coloured suits can you fit in a backpack? Sad we didn’t get to see what other colours they had really. It was sad to see Aaron and Deb go, but with such strong teams in this bunch I wasn’t surprised.

Fave child award goes to Aaron! Bet his sister is jelly AF!!!

Blog by Lynda Olson.