PRIZE: A car each, a trip for two around the world, $250,000, and the title of TARC!

START LOCATION: Castlegar, British Columbia.
END LOCATION: Beijing, China!

So, it was just a little bit exciting this week. WE HEADED TO CHINA THIS WEEK! I was definitely surprised… and so were all the Racers:


…as I thought being a “Canada 150” themed season it would just stay within Canada. But no way you could deny the racers an overseas leg!! I wonder if they will travel anywhere else… I think on the preview next week they head to Bangkok too? But that might be Kenneth talking shit again. Haha. Also, I got way too excited that the Detour was called “In Sync” and I actually thought Jon said N SYNC… I thought it was going to be a Bye, Bye, Bye karaoke challenge! Nevertheless the Synchronised Diving challenge was such a great idea, and it just made me wish Kristen & Steph got to do this last season 😉 This first China leg was very entertaining and I thought the challenges were a good mix of physical and intellect. And unsurprisingly, being their one of very few overseas legs, it was a non-elimination leg. To the teams…

Team #1 – Sam & Paul

SamPaul (2)

ROADBLOCK: Herbal Remedy – Sam
Last Finished: 4/8

YAAAAASSSSSS!! Finally, after a few middle of the pack placings the boys did it! First place, baby. Sam and Paul were uber cute completing the Great Wall of China challenge. I particularly liked how Sam put the Chinese words into a song, because you can always remember song lyrics easier than just reading out words. Love your work, Sam! And then there was the diving. How convenient Sam has a diving family background. What made me laugh was on their first attempt, even the Chinese lady filming was so shocked she jumped back 😛

Shaky arms, Paul! He’s just too cute 😉

This leg really was all Sam’s. The challenges really played to his strengths and they topped it off with Sam smashing out the herbal Roadblock. Well done, boys! I knew you’d pull through with a win 😀 I expect Sam and Paul to make the Top 3. Calling it now!

Team #2 – Zed & Shabbir

ZedShabbir (2)

ROADBLOCK: Herbal Remedy – Shabbir
Last Finished: 1/8

Two weeks in a row and the boys have finished strong again in second place! Zed and Shabbir didn’t seem to have a problem at the Great Wall challenge, no boos from the crowd, and things seemed to be happy days until the diving Detour! I couldn’t help by laugh at Shabbir’s reaction to the budgie smugglers (Aussie slang for tight-fitting men’s swimwear)…

Shabbir is not impressed, but I won’t complain about Zed in his red budgies! 😛

But it’s okay, the boys pulled through and Shabbir joined Dr Sam in becoming Chinese medicinal professionals. Overall, a great leg by the father-son duo. I’m not sure if they make the Top 3, but I think they’ll come close!

Team #3 – Adam & Andrea

AdamAndrea (2)

ROADBLOCK: Herbal Remedy – Adam
Last Finished: 3/8

Another third place win for the siblings! It’s okay, I feel their time is coming for first place. You just wait and see! Don’t listen to me… They did struggle a little bit on the Great Wall, but that’s expected if you’re doing a crash course in Mandarin. The one thing that impressed me most this leg was Adam’s dancing. You got the moves, bro!


This team is fun, and we need to see more of them! I predict a Top 4 finish at least for them.

Team #4 – Kenneth & Ryan

KennethRyan (2)

ROADBLOCK: Herbal Remedy – Kenneth
Last Finished: 6/8

GIVERRRRR. Yes, I went there. No matter how much you hate to love, or love to hate them, they are passionate and have been very entertaining this Race. I love how they gave the Synchronised Diving a go and were so keen in their tight Speedos!

When you act macho, but you’re really not… Oh boys.

Kenneth and Ryan have been a little all over the shop with their placings this season, but it just shows you have to be an all-rounder in challenges and have luck on your side. I still really like this team and would to see them make the finals!

Team #5 – Karen & Bert

KarenBert (2)

ROADBLOCK: Herbal Remedy – Karen
Last Finished: 5/8

Fifth place again! Very respectable placing and still in it to win it! Karen and Bert have definitely surprised me this season, and I feel they are doing well playing to their strengths. They have a good balance of physical in Bert, and brains in Karen and they make a really great team. Can they win TARC? Sure! But will they make it to the end? I’m not sure. They haven’t come close to a #1 yet and there are still so many strong and competitive teams. If it came down to a foot race it would be hard for them to win. Unless Bert carried Karen on his back, wouldn’t that be cool! Haha. I think Karen and Bert still have a couple of legs in them.

Team #6 – Korey & Ivana

KoreyIvana (2)

DETOUR: In Line (after failed In Sync)
ROADBLOCK: Herbal Remedy – Korey
Last Finished: 2/8

Yikes! This was definitely not their leg. Korey and Ivana seem to have direction and taxi problems no matter which country they’re in. Starting off at the head of the pack, things quickly turned sour when they chose a cabbie driver who was pretty much ASLEEP!! Thank goodness they found another cab. And then there was the struggle at the Detour when Ivana hurt her back diving. Now, she is heading into that annoying whingey woman category that many have fallen into. I know Ivana hurt her back, but I think they showed way too much of it and it doesn’t give her a good edit. I’d like to think she’s not that kind of person. As she said, she knows her body and when it’s say NO. After a good call of switching Detours they completed the dancing and made it to the Pit Stop just in time! PHEW! I still expect these guys to do well, as long as they can keep it together. Korey has done a wonderful job of pulling through for the both of them. Love ya work!

Settle down, Korey!! HAHAHA

Team #8 – Andrea & Ebonie

AndreaEbonie (2)

DETOUR: In Line (after failed In Sync)
ROADBLOCK: Herbal Remedy – Ebonie
Last Finished: 7/8

Girls, girls, girls. Soooo lucky to have made the international leg and stay in the Race! The girls completed the Great Wall challenge in first place and again the Detour shook them. They chose the diving and struggled to nail it, Ebonie more so than Andrea.

Epic face-plant coming right up!

Not the only team to switch Detours, the girls decided to go with the dancing instead. GOOD CALL. They smashed through this and ultimately ended up in last place. BUT, Monty gave them the good news that they are still racing! Every week I say this team will go soon and they still haven’t. They constantly prove me wrong, but I’ll be right soon I’m sure! Haha. Keep going girls, your race isn’t over yet 😉

Blog by Lynda Olson.