PRIZE: A Chevy car each, a trip for two around the world, $250,000, and the title of TARC!

START LOCATION: Beijing, China.
END LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand!

Welcome to the longest leg in Amazing Race Canada history! And I do wonder if this means they won’t have another International leg… :O Teams took a high-speed train to Shanghai and as Sam said they had been racing for 30 hours straight… No sleep for the wicked! And man, that was the quickest international stop over on The Amazing Race I’ve ever seen. We hopped from Shanghai to Bangkok within 10 minutes! We also saw three teams go for the Fast Forward and a Cat Cafe, which I’m not sure I could actually walk into without breaking out into hives. #soallergic :O And how awkward were the monkey puppets?! I have enough trouble moving my own limbs… To the teams!

Team #1 – Adam & Andrea

AdamAndrea (2)

DETOUR: Fast Forwarded
Placings: 3rd, 7th, 3rd, 3rd

OMG THEY DID IT!! Congrats guys. With so many third places it was a matter of time for these guys to come out top dogs! Adam and Andrea showed off their soccer skills this leg and played some Thailand Takraw! After a little huff and puff they scored the ball in the net and WHAT A WIN!! The siblings raced off to the Pit Stop leaving the other teams wanting the FF behind with nothing. Little devils! Adam and Andrea excitedly arrived at the mat and won a trip back to Thailand. Awesome sauce!! So happy for this team and I still definitely see them in the Top 3!


Team #2 – Andrea & Ebonie

AndreaEbonie (2)

DETOUR: Shred It
Placings: 7th, 2nd, 7th, 7th

These girls continue to amaze me on the race. I totally wrote them off from episode one. They’ve had a really strange up and down race and I guess if they didn’t have the penalty in the first episode they would have come second. The last three legs they’ve gotten so lucky not being eliminated and then this leg they finish 2nd! Ebonie killed it on the Shred It surf Detour grabbing that flag like a pro… She did say she worked at an indoor surf company. It looked like a tonne of fun! And after a rough and tumble with Sam and Paul, the girls made it to the mat just ahead of the boys. WOW!! I am so impressed. These girls are now a team to look out for. They definitely learned from their mistakes early on in the race and are IN IT TO WIN IT. I still have my reservations about them though and think they will be gone pretty soon. (Someone convince me otherwise!!)

Run Andrea, run!!

Team #3 – Sam & Paul

SamPaul (2)

DETOUR: Shred It
Placings: 4th, 3rd, 4th, 1st

Firstly, OMG. PAUL DROPPED THEIR CLUE!! I would definitely freak out so much. I couldn’t even cope. I’ve misplaced my passport once while travelling and that was bad enough, haha. After finding their train ticket they made a deal with Adam and Andrea to show them the clue. We also saw a small montage about Paul opening up to his family about his sexuality… Interesting. It’s something they didn’t delve into with Kristen and Steph last year. It was obviously a big thing for Paul though and I’m glad they did include it 🙂 I love these boys! Did anyone else laugh when they were completing the monkey puppet challenge? It was so cute, they absolutely killed it! The cuties then attempted the surfing “Shred It” Detour and sorry Sam, had to gif this.

Stacked it!

Running to the Pit Stop, Sam had another massive stack!! I didn’t gif that one just to save face. 😛 And with another 3rd place for the boys expect them to be in the Top 3!

Team #4 – Kenneth & Ryan

KennethRyan (2)

DETOUR: Shred It
Placings: 1st, 5th, 6th, 4th

GIVE’R!!!!!! I think this was the quietest episode the boys have had yet! We honestly didn’t see much of them and the moments we did they were just yelling nonsense in the camera anyway. They are so excitable though and I really hope they can hang in there and make it to the end. I reckon you could send them to the most boring cities in the world and they’d still be keen as a bean to be there! Haha. The boys have been consistently middle of the pack, aside from their first place in the episode one. Not counting Kenneth and Ryan out just yet! They have balls!

Team #5 – Karen & Bert

KarenBert (2)

DETOUR: Bling It
Placings: 6th, 4th, 5th, 5th

Karen and Bert are doing so well on this race and just keep playing to their strengths. They smashed out the puppet show with their theatre experience and have always been way up there with the middle-to-top teams. And you definitely can’t say they’re a boring couple… They even got the Chinese cabbie dancing. HAHAHA.

Fun times in Shanghai!

I’ll be honest, I was a little worried when they chose the Bling It Detour as it seemed like it was taking FOREVER to pimp out that tuk-tuk! But clearly it was just editing and timing of the show. Karen and Bert again place in respectable 5th. Surely they are going next??

Team #6 – Korey & Ivana

KoreyIvana (2)

DETOUR: Bling It
Placings: 2nd, 8th, 2nd, 6th

Do these guys have the worst luck with cabs and directions? They wanted to go for the Fast Forward, but were sent to the wrong stadium. Ugh. And by the time they got there Adam and Andrea had already nabbed it! Nevertheless, the PT’s caught up to the other teams at the monkey puppet show. After blingin’ their tuk-tuk, their bad luck with cabbies continued… The driver had no fracking clue where he was going. AND they had travelled for ONE HOUR IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. Aah, the joys of travelling to non-English countries. Fortunately, they were way ahead of Zed and Shabbir which is sometimes hard to tell in the edit. I’m a bit worried for this team as you can see with their last four placings they’ve been all over the shop! Hopefully next week they’re due for another 2nd place! :O

Team #7 – Zed & Shabbir

ZedShabbir (2)

DETOUR: Bling It (after failed Shred It)
Placings: 5th, 6th, 1st, 2nd

MEGA SAD FACE. I really liked these guys! So I thought Zed and Shabbir finally met their match against the damn monkey puppets! But then the surf Detour just got a little too much for Shabbir. He even shed some tears after realising they were in last place.

It’s OK, Papa!

Unfortunately the challenges just didn’t get any better for the father and son duo and the surfing Detour proved too much for the old fella. They switched Detours and were able to complete it, but just not quick enough. I didn’t think they would make the Top 3, but I thought they definitely had a few more legs in them. Zed and Shabbir arrive in last place and are eliminated from the Race 😦


It’s OK Shabbir, you will always have the memory of wearing those red diving speedos. Most definitely a highlight for you! 😛

Blog by Lynda Olson.