This week we lost two of the biggest characters this season!


We’ve also gone back to two episodes a week, and I have to say with so much juicy content I actually didn’t mind three a week. But I better not rave too much… Melbournite and Survivor Super Fan, Annabel Fidler, joins me yet again with her Spice Rack! And I also include some cartoons by Able & Game.

To the highlights of the week…

Episode 4: Days 10-11


No, it’s not a testosterone-filled boy fight! The girls are on fire this season. No apologies. No hard feelings. Tessa called out Tara last week for being a FLIPPER and she apologised without apologising tonight after tribal. Tara doesn’t believe she did anything wrong, and thinks Tessa needs to go ASAP! The looks they gave each other were priceless. It will be interesting to see who reigns supreme of the two T-gals!



While Tarzan is out fishing, he ends up catching a cookie jar! But what does he do… Take the cookies for himself or take the firewood for the tribe? For someone like Tarzan I can see why he took the firewood. If he took the cookies, would he have been able to keep it a secret? It would have weighed on his mind the whole time! And to knock back any suspicions from others, Tarzan did the right thing and brought the clue back to camp to show he didn’t lie. Although, it would have been cool seeing Tarzan share his cookies with Tessa evil-laughing behind the tribes back! Because hello, they’re the new Rodger Bingham/Elisabeth Filarski (Survivor: Australian Outback) duo!

AWW. So sad we don’t get to see more cute banter between these two, while AK looks left out.


I think Annabel would have been either excited or ripped off when she saw the spice rack as a reward tonight!

Where’s Jono’s abs gone?! \ Image:

I really liked the surfboard element of this challenge as well, but whose idea was it on Samatau to put Locky on that?! I’m also waiting for a KFC (official sponsor) 24-piece bucket reward challenge; and I would like to partake!! My favourite part of the challenge was Michelle’s face when Sam said they don’t NEED to win reward…

“Uhh, what about meeee?!”


Ahhh, Jericho!!! I’m so happy he went for the cookies. Haha, seriously what did he have to lose? Also, he totally could not have pulled off the firewood questions if he brought that back. Better off to just hide the cookies and eat til your heart’s content!

Cheeky devil!

I wasn’t sure if he was allowed to share the cookies with anyone, but he’s now able to use the cookies as leverage. The obvious choice for Jericho was Luke, and OMG the whole thing is just a joke to them! These guys do not know how to ration! At the same time, I guess you don’t want any cookies to go bad, but they polished these off within two days. Crazy! The other two Jericho chose were Henry and Sarah. He offered them two cookies each which was a smart move and now they kind of have an IOU on their heads with the tiny guy. I look forward to seeing if anything comes of his ’empire’. It’s food, I don’t see any of these guys spilling to the other tribe mates anytime soon!


Another immunity challenge, another Samatau loss. Tessa and Tarzan plead to Locky to vote out the weakest tribe mate, Anneliese. Maybe he could have bribed Locky with cookies; missed opportunity!!

Or this. \ Image:

Also, does anyone else find it funny that Henry’s given up on throwing challenges? No point when your team is THAT strong! He tried so hard too… Anyway, poor Anneliese just can’t catch a break! But Locky shuts that silly idea down (of course he wants Anneliese’s vote, and her massages, ew), Tessa storms off to look for an idol. Tarzan then says ‘fuck you Locky’ and goes for a wander himself. Low and behold, HELLO HIDDEN IDOL!! Tarzan’s a star!!

Watch out, bitches!


So, we bid farewell to the funny older dude Tarzan and I feel like we lost a huge character in the show! But, one we can do without. We have some great strategists this season and Tarzan just gave it up in the end. We saw Tarzan and AK decide to vote for Tessa. AK I understood as it was just too early for him to flip after gaining trust again. But Tarzan – should he have just kept the idol to himself and let Tessa go? Should he have voted WITH Tessa and got Locky out? Maybe, but word out there is that ol’ Tarzan was not well at all and asked the others to vote for him. 😦 Nevertheless, Tarzan went out on a high! He found an idol, and gave it to someone who is able to keep on fighting in this game. Something he just couldn’t do. Tarzan, I wish you well! Tarzan-3, Locky-1, Tessa-6.

What a ledge!

Episode 5: Days 12-14


Okay, we are only two episodes into Jericho’s Cookie spin-off show and I’m already over it. Haha! We have Jericho as Cookie Monster, Luke as Elmo, Sarah as Abby Cadabby and Henry as Grover!? (I’d say Henry is more a Count Drac, but I couldn’t find a pic!)


This lot is just going to get up to mischief. Sprinkling crumbs on Mark and Sam?! I guess someone has to bring the entertainment on Asaga because the tribe is lacking in airtime and everything else but winning challenges!

Damn fools! Haha.


I LOOOOVE AK!! And any hate out there towards him is completely unwarranted. The casuals are always so annoying. AK’s plan is to knock King Locky off the island. He plans to bring along his loyal friends from Day 1, Ziggy and Jarrad. We totally missed this alliance right? The whole ‘choosing’ Jarrad thing now makes sense. And they aim to bring in Tessa. Things are going to get juicy!!!


The challenge makers just keep coming up with new and improved ideas and I’m loving it!! We saw our first endurance challenge of the season and it was a great new interpretation of what we’ve normally seen as an individual challenge. The weather was SO NOT IDEAL, but the castaways battled it out. No COMPLAINTS. It all came down to the the final two standing from each tribe; Henry and Commando Mark v Ziggy and AK.


Mark and Henry looked super strong, while Ziggy’s pro-athlete abilities kicked into gear and she was able to hold her own with AK hanging in the balance. Almost 2 hours went by until AK couldn’t hold on much longer. Huge effort by these two, but a loss is still a loss. Samatau go to Tribal Council for the FOURTH time in a row! 😦 At this point I’m thinking, why keep Locky around? They can’t win challenges with him, there’s no difference if he was there or not.



On one side we have Locky and Co gunning for Tessa. AK was one of the Co, until he realised, eff that shit, let’s bring the Kingpin down and target his wing-woman Aimee! I LOVE IT! Even though we find out Tara is actually Locky’s closest ally, but hey Aimee will do. She’s loyal AF to Locky. So on the opposite side we have AK, Jarrad, Ziggy and Tessa, and they choose their fifth to move forward in Peter. Lovely Peter. Jarrad decides to use his sweet, sweet moves to win over Petey and with his sneaky, sneaky way with words, it works!

Jarrad playing it cool as a cucumber 😉

We finally get to see Peter talk and I’m so proud of him for switching to the dark side. Peter confesses that it is the right move to ‘flip’ as his alliance with Tara is not as strong these days and she’s gotten closer to King Locky.


On the beach I actually thought Tara was going to show some perceptiveness and say “oh, it’s weird Tessa sitting on the beach with us all quiet…”, but no, she has no idea what’s going on. She tells Tessa to vote out AK as she’s sure Tessa is their extra number. We all know it’d be dumb for Tessa to vote with them; they’d cut her the next vote. AK is Tessa’s shield as much as Tessa is AK’s. Perfect partnership! Amongst all this, somehow Tara and Aimee have convinced their tribe to blindside AK, and Tara is convinced it will be her biggest move of the season… AWKWARD!! O_O

At tribal all seems to go well for Locky and Co, until Aimee opens her bogan mouth! OMG. I can only cope with bogan in small doses; Aimee seems like an awesome chick, but everything that came out of her gob showed she had no idea what was happening in camp. She also opened up a bit too much revealing there may be cracks in her alliance. Suddenly Tessa is sitting pretty and doesn’t have to worry at a tribal. Tara’s admissions are all directed at AK going home, but her next reaction is gold!


And then BAM, the bogan is gone! Aimee goes home in an epic blindside and her “SPEWIN'” reaction is absolutely hilarious!! It’s right up there with Chicken’s epic vote out reaction!

Survivor China, guys! #DAYUM

We honestly didn’t see much of Aimee, but she was heavily promoted pre-season, which meant she was either going early or making it deep. The times she did speak it was entertainment plus, so kudos to casting for putting her on! I do wonder if people overseas will understand a word she says… Aimee-5, AK-3 (and they forgot to show Jarrad’s vote!)

Onya, Aimes!! 😉


I’m not dumping hot doc Tessa (obviously, SPICY!) and Sam is still up there, but I am definitely adding Zinger (thanks KFC) Ziggy to the mix, coz hello, what’s not to enjoy about her in the endurance challenge?! Also, she finally saw the light and joined AK on the dark side 😉 Jarrad has gone up the spice rack as well from a small green to a red medium spicy chili! He’s playing such a great under-the-radar game, but with some punch! From last week, Locky has turned into a sweet chili sauce… Not my favourite, but still so-so, coz I do like ’em a little sweet. He needs to get his shit together though before he gets thrown in the bin!

P.S. How much is Ben a soggy wet sock thrown on the curb right now with his edit??! The poor love 😦 Not one confessional yet.



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Oh my goodness, the contestants were definitely trying to seduce me this week, and it is 100% working. Generous gift-giving, and a willingness to offer themselves as a human sacrifice are the most attractive traits in a man. So move over Lee (Carseldine), there is a new hot dad in town, and if hairiness is the measure of a man (it is), then Tarzan is trampling all over you. You might say ‘but Annabel, he’s from Queensland, loves mateship, and is probably conservative,’ but he clearly has a soft-spot for blonde, British Melbournians, and it is never too late to convert someone to the dark side. While he was an early boot, this was probably a good move for Mark (assuming he was there to win my heart, which he probably was) as the heat between us could only have cooled from that point. Des (Quilty) definitely has some hot competition for the coveted position of my oblivious Survivor Sugar Daddy.

Meanwhile, my lust-fuelled hypocrisy continued when Ziggy forced me to violate my ‘no crushing on sport stars’ rule during that second immunity challenge. Competency is sexy, and oh baby that girl sure can hold up a thing while balancing (my memory of the actual challenge is hazy, I was very focused on her biceps, sorry). However, I would still like to see more from her in confessionals before I commit to our summer fling.

In real news, things got hot and steamy in my house when my housemate was nearly catfished by a fake AK Tinder profile. Fortunately, she stumbled across the profile during an enthusiastic ‘no’ swiping session and swiped left (no), but was momentarily panicked before Ryan Brink rubbed salt in the wound and pointed out that AK is neither in Melbourne nor single. While she is putting on a brave face, I assume she is secretly devastated. This is probably how Locky felt when he definitely read the Spice Rack last week and realised he wasn’t my Survivor crush.

Speaking of last week, Jarrad continues to woo me, and is showing some serious ‘new hotness’ potential. I’m very into how sneaky and socially manipulative he is, while still giving off good-guy vibes. Say, theoretically, you were the sort of person who had the temperament of a particularly vicious chihuahua, I imagine he would make an excellent husband. While our one-sided relationship feels more like slow-building love than spicy and lustful, this slow-burn has strong potential to melt me by season-end.

However, spiciest contestant of the week has to be Jericho. He knows the way to a man’s heart, and it is in the form of illicit cookies. Flirting with danger, and reeling in any man or woman in his near vicinity, Jericho is thirstier than me on Twitter after a couple of beverages. I can’t wait to see Luke’s inevitable jealous rampage when he finds out he isn’t the only guy getting cuddly with that little monster. Hopefully they can work through their issues and find a polyamorous solution which satisfies both of their needs.

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